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I would like to know the following: My sister was arrested in october 2012 for Posession of Meth and she bonded out of jail . Then AGAIN in march 20, 2013 she was Arrested AGAIN for Posession of Meth. The State Attorney filed a Notice to Revoke Bond due to the NEW Arrest in March. My sister DID NOT show up for court on the Arraignment for the March 20,2013 case, so the Judge REVOKED bonds for BOTH Cases and Issued an Arrest Warrant (Capias) on her. Now my father has been aiding her in avoiding capture by Leasing a Vehicle from Enterprise and had her move to some friends of hers in the next county down (Hernando) where she has been living for past 3 weeks now. She KNOWS as well as rest of Family she has a Warrant for her arrest. My Question is this: Since my Father KNOWS she is Wanted by Arrest Warrant, Law Enforcement has made numerous Attempts to pick her up and even went to place she was staying at in hernando County yet for some reason she evaded that arrest also. My father is supplying her with Money, Rental Cars, Printers for her Laptop, Prepaid metro Pcs Phones, etc. CAN my Father be charged with Aiding and Abetting OR Harboring a KNOWN Fugitive for performing all these Actions to keep the Law Enforcement from Finding her and Arresting her??? I WONT have anything to do with my sister unless she turns herself in because I have been in trouble with law before and ALWAYS turned myself in without being asked and that only happended ONE Time. Since I was recently released from Prison last year, I DONT want any part of this non sense my father is doing even though he keeps threatning me if I dont help him. So far, I stick to my guns about staying out of it all to the point I have Installed 7 Video Surveillance cameras with night Vision connected to a DVR that STREAMS Recordings Off Site to a Data Center my family DOES NOT have access to in a way to protect myself from any claims of her being at my house. I want this all to STOP. I have Tracking Software I REMOTELY installed on her Laptop so ANYTIME she connects to Internet, it UPDATES her Location with a Map showing where she is currently located along with her Address, Snap Shot using the Webcam in her laptop, Screenshot of Whats on her Screen at the time, The Wireless Access point she is connected to , her Public IP Address of the Internet Connection she is Using & HER Private IP assigned by the Router of the Internet Access she is using. I KNOW EVERYTHING she does when connected to Internet. I have even printed out all these reports and Given them to Local Sheriffs Officials including the next county where she is staying to hide out at. I DONT get it, how does she keep avoiding the inevitable and HOW does my Father ESCAPE his CRIMINAL Actions for Harboring a Known Fugitive?? What else do I need to do to protect myself from getting into trouble ? I have even Blocked her from Calling or Texting my cell phone. Can my father Be Charged Criminally when & If they Find the lease Agreement with Enterprise Lease a Car where he Added my sister as Authorized Driver 2 weeks AFTER her arrest Warrants where issued?

Asked on 5/12/13, 4:03 pm

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Craig Epifanio Craig Epifanio, P.A.

Your question is too complex to be answered on a forum such as this. You need to talk to an attorney in your area immediately to discuss this complex situation.

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Answered on 5/12/13, 6:54 pm

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