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I have a vourt order fot support against me. Scince 2005 i've had an open case with childSupport Enforcement whitch ive been reconized as CP and was told legal representation was provided, on 7/28/2010 mc went to spend summer break with ncp(4 8 months of minipulation) and returned hom 4/2011..Support Enforcement was notified of temp. change as required.Documents were provided to support enforcement,reported changes were acknowledged,verified,and documented by support enforcement. On 7/15/2011 a order for support was granted against me..After inquiring as to why,changes were reported as to custody of mc,was informed order was to be suspended,but never happen. Constant on person contact with support enforcement approx 3 times a month,concerning status of case review without answers.After complying with requirements, stills recieved bank levy,monies intercepted, DL suspention,fimes and arrested twice. Finally a hearing set 11/20/2012. Only to be informed that support enforcement did't represent me anymore. But never at any time previously was i made aware of this. Who should be held accountable, NCP,for collecting undeserved support without reporting is as required,OR, Support Enforcement for not presenting acknowleged and verified custody of MC, OR, judge, for not reviewing the case file that intaled all these documentation filed with court, and can/how do i get remburst for support paid and stop this order. I requested and recieved all documented reports from support enforcement whitch verifys there knowledge And also sent three letters to tallahssee support enforcement pleding for help ,but no response. I cannot afford 3,500. Legal representation is asking for.Can anyone help...I do have all documentation involving my case..

Asked on 9/10/13, 2:31 am

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John Smitten Carey and Leisure

Ultimately your ex owes the money back to you. You have no case against anyone else

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Answered on 9/10/13, 2:38 am

Robert McCall Law Office of Robert McCall

Welcome to the wonderful world of the Florida Gestapo. Child Support Enforcement will flat out lie to a parent in order to obtain and continue to get child support, they hope it is really owed but they do not care. Your only hope is to get to the Circuit Court Judge responsible for your case, the enforcement officers and Magistrates are worthless. Also the Dept of Revenue will sometimes refuse to accept the Judges decision, then you have to file an appeal to the Districe Court. Isn't Big Government wonderful and caring?

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Answered on 9/11/13, 5:47 am

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