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Threatened at work

Manager, over 2yrs. I recently moved to a new store & told one of the employees has personal issues & is a bit strange. One night he calls me very distraught, I find him pulling his hair, biting his fists & saying people don’t deserve to live. I send him home & reported this to my sup, along w/ my safety concerned. My sup stated he is harmless, ignore him he’s been here 9yrs. Over the next 8 wks he had several episodes & made several threats to customers, each time informing my supervisor. One night I get a call from my asst manager who states she is scared for me , this man has said he has a gun in his car w/ a bullet w/ your name on it & he would take care of me in the morning. My sup stated” he is harmless but I will get him moved to another store. Few nights later herom the store. The sup puts him on leave for 2 wks the man shows up the next day saying he wants to return, sup says no and man states he will run his car in to his store. My sup then fires him! Plus sup never reported any of this to HR! An investigation was started & what was supposed to be kept confidential was released to my sup. I acquired a new job, when it seemed I was the one under investigation. HELP

Asked on 7/24/03, 11:42 pm

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Re: Threatened at work

I know that you have not provided all the facts in your short description. Generally an employer does have a responsibility to safeguard it's employees. It seems you did the correct thing by reporting this violent behavior to your supervisor. I do not know if under your company policies you were required to report this to HR. It does not appear you were injured and you say you now have a new job. That is probably a good thing. Without knowing what negative job action your former employer may have taken against you, I am not sure what advice you are seeking. If you are in fear for your personal safety that is another issue, but you really do say that you are.

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Answered on 7/25/03, 9:15 am

Keith Stern Shavitz Law Group

Re: Threatened at work

Help how? What are you looking for? It sounds like you left the Company, so what are you seeking?

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Answered on 7/25/03, 11:25 am

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