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On Feb. 18 2008 My father was driving home from work at 11 PM. Around the same time a 911 call went out of a possible drunk driver leaving Applebee’s bar and grill in panama city beach. Officer arrived and attempted to stop the driver, at that time a chase began with speeds reaching over 100 miles per hour the chase was called off however the car still sped away over striking my father’s car forcing him off the road his car flipped several times and he was killed instantly. The officer that was conducting the chase claims to have turned off on a road that would have made it 100% impossible for him to see the accident as it was around a sharp curve there is a lot more to the story of the chase and if you are willing to take the case the research has already been down by a law office and I do have the case file with transcripts from the criminal trial. I was asked by my mother to go look for my father and I went driving to see where he could be as he was late from work and I approached the scene I parked on the other side of the road and attempted to make contact with an officer to find out what had happened. I walked towards the police car at the far end of the road block away from the actual accident when I was approached by a trashy looking guy in blue jeans and a blue jean coat with no markings. They asked me who I was and told them my full name and I told him that that was my father’s car and I wanted to know what happened, The man started screaming at me and said ”I asked you who the fuck are you ”. I replied who the fuck are you. He said he was a police officer I told him again my name and that my father’s car was down there involved in the accident he was not listening to me at all and he said again “I asked you who the fuck you are” I asked him for a badge he told me he did not have to show me a badge and I walked away from him towards uniformed officers he took a swing at me and I shoved away from him he began to yell for back up. I was thrown to the ground and placed in handcuffs along with my older brother that was with me. I asked time and time again to be moved away from my father’s body I was placed less than a foot away from him body and made to sit on the fire truck. I requested an investigation and it was done the officers all managed to give full statements as to what happened despite that they were over 100 feet away. I requested video from the near-by dash board camera but was told it could not be found. I requested audio from the officers on person recording devices and I was told they do not wear them. That is as far as I got with that. I did get audio from the 911 center including all radio traffic from the officers the tape reveals that an officer seen the suspect car headed toward them after the accident yet it took officers some time to find the car giving the suspects time to flee the car and make it all the way home to their apartment over a mile away, as a result of the poor police work done the two driving both were cleared of criminal charges. To further add to this case evidence was tampered with by an unknown man, He was allowed to enter the suspect’s car inside of police holding and remove data from the cars on board computer. I was allowed in to view the car after the case had been closed it is still in holding. I looked the car over to figure out why when the car’s driver side is still intact my father died from a closed head wound within seconds of the impact. I noticed that the driver’s seat moves around freely as if it has broken free from the track that holds it in place. I am not sure if this had any effect on the outcome but I cannot help but think that if the seat had held in place the safety devices would have done a better job protecting him. I would like someone to look into the car and its safety systems to see if they worked as they should have. The two guys that were driving the suspect car where served over 13 drinks at two bars that night they were known by the staff and bartenders at both places and were served at Applebee’s without I.D. as they were known by the manager to have been In there drinking a lot the bartender there also knew his drink order from his frequent trips in.

So to review

I am looking for a lawyer or team to take on the several levels of this case

Police misconduct both during and after the case.

A dram shop suit against both bars.

A review of the safety devices on the Saturn SL1 that my father was driving.

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