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I am 18 years of age and i have a old good friend that is 30 any was i started watching her kids and the deal was she was going to pay me 75 a week and give 100 in food for her kids off her food stamps ok so the month came by that she was so pose to buy 100 $ in food well she said she did not get her stamps yet i said okay well let me know when you do she said ok .. so a few day's latter i ask did she get them she said no and on her facebook it showed a pic of her buying a lot of food and this is the same day i ask her the first time if she got her stamps so she lied to me and i have had her kids a month night and day u could say the lived with me and now because i ask her why she lied she took the kids away and now is not gonna pay me and she owe's me 300$ i keep them a month with out her paying me and there's been times were her kids has came over there and had marks on them on there back arm and chest belt marks and i did tell some one so it could go to CPS but now she's trying to sue me for slander for saying she's a bad mom and she lied i was wondering can she sue me for that i mean it's true and i have people that has seen the belt marks and her not giving ant food to her kids to eat on so can she get me for slander ?

Asked on 11/19/11, 9:40 pm

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Why is this a credit/debt question?

You or anyone else is privileged generally to report instances of physical abuse to child protective services and a parent accused of such abuse cannot go after whomever reported the abuse. Reporting is also confidential, so I don't know how she would find out that it was you.

I don't know if what she was doing with the food stamps was legal. Why is she living with you and gettting food stamps? Food stamps are for food - not payment to you. This sounds like some kind of fraudulent scheme, although I do not know all of the details.

What do you mean that she is "trying to sue" you? Either she sued you or she has not. As I said, truth is a defense. How is a woman who is on food stamps is going to find a lawyer to sue you? If you are sued, truth is always a defense to an action for defamation.

If I were you, I would have no more to do with this woman or her children. While she ought to have paid (I still do not understand why you were caring for her children), if you and she cooked up something that is not legal, I would drop it now.

And don't post any\more about it either on a public message bulletin board or on your facebook page.

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Answered on 11/21/11, 4:20 pm

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