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I was pulled over after leaving a friends house.. I asked the reason for being stopped and the officer said my car matched the description of one used in a armed robbery earlier that day. He said there was a mask used in the robbery and asked if he could search the vehicle and I agreed.. During the search a cigarette pack with 2 grs of marijuana and a bag containing methamphetamine residue was found stuffed underneath the passenger seat towards the rear row of seats. It was not mine nor do I know who's it was or how it got there. I have a family to support and care for so when placed in handcuffs I became extremely desperate, and agreed to assist with the arrest of 3 others in order to be released. I did NOT admit anything discovered belonged to me nor did I sign a report saying what was discovered belonged to me. I don't use drugs nor do I know where or who to purchase them from. He informed me that if I didn't keep my word, there would be a warrant issued and I would be charged. Is there anything I can do to fight this considering I was told I was being searched in regards to an armed robbery and not because I was pulling out of a rough neighborhood known for distribution of drugs? Please help anyway possible.. I can't put my family in jeaporady of being hard in anyway by becoming an informant for the police

Asked on 7/11/12, 8:33 pm

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Glen Ashman Ashman Law Office

You may be faciung prison so you need to be proactive and treat this as an emergency (it is). That means shut the computer, cancel your plans for tomorrow, and seek out experienced criminal counsel. Delay will worsen things.

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Answered on 7/11/12, 8:36 pm

Lawrence Lewis Lawrence Lewis, P.C.

What type of help are you looking for? You were found in a vehicle, where drugs were located. Rather than just deal with that charge, you created more drama, by lying to the police about what you were willing to do. You should expect to be charged with possession of drugs, and face jail time. While you are out, I suggest that you stack your money for your attorney. See website for notes on how to find the right attorney:

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Answered on 7/11/12, 10:31 pm
S. Carlton Rouse Rouse & Co., LLC

The other contributors were correct, the first thing you need to do is to consider retaining legal counsel. Your lawyer may be able to get a head start on the collection of evidence and/or interviewing potential witnesses (or at the very least, identifying areas/issues of concern). In addition to the above, retaining a lawyer early in the process may also save you money as additional issues arise, e.g. motion for bond, dispositive motions, etc.

Although your situation is not ideal, I suggest you take steps now to give yourself the best possible chance for success.

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Best of luck,

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Answered on 7/11/12, 11:43 pm

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