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Okay, Me my and my children's father got into a very heated argument and some things were said so we began fighting well, he began fighting me. He left and packed his things, because I had called the cops. He took my phone and hung up, but i still about 5 hours later my friend came over and let me use her phone to call them. My intentions were just to document what he had did, so my friend said just file a report. So i called 911 and ask could i just file a report, she said yes and sent some police to my house. I talked to both the officers and told them a that we got to arguing and he hit me a couple times and that hit me wit his fist and they saw my lip was bleeding. I also said he had threatend me with a gun, which was really more so not in a serious way (had no bullets, or a clip, just tried to scare me). I gave them my information and told them i didnt want to press charges because this was the first time this happened and that he was drunk and we just got very emotional with each other and that I didnt want to press charges. I even begged with the officer not to press charges but they did anyway, and sent a warrant out for his arrest. The officer said I could drop the charges, but as I began to read online its not that simple. How would I go about dropping the charges and talking to the prosecutors. Basically give me some ways I could get his charges drop or at least talk to the prosecuors about getting them dropped? I mean we both were arguing and this never happened in the past and I didnt tell the cops that i got the bloody lip from when i was trying to push him back, but instead tripped on some clothes in the floor and fell on the floor (my teeth had cut my lip) I think the police just wrote it down ass if he just up and beat me, because my lip was bleeding. Another thing the officers didnt even take pictures, they just wrote down what they saw. Oh yea, I live in georgia

Asked on 4/02/11, 11:09 am

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Glen Ashman Ashman Law Office

You CANNOT drop charges. That is a decision only prosecutors can make and you need to pray hard trhat they ignore your request and keep him from you. The officer who said you could drop charges was not only wrong but acted so inappropriately that you need to talk to his commander and request that he be investigated, as he should not be a cop having said that.

Absuers almost never stop abusing and you are describing someone who will likely eventually seriously harm or kill you and your children. You need to get far away from such an evil dangerous person, and you need extensive mental health counseling to determine why you would attempt to "drop charges."

Good luck, but do get away from him. Your very life is in danger.

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Answered on 4/02/11, 11:20 am

Scott Riddle Law Office of Scott B. Riddle, LLC

You need to seek help immediately, after making comments like him threatening you with a gun was "not serious." If you don't care about yourself, you need to protect your children. That means seeing that he is charged and prosecuted, getting a restraining order, and doing your best in getting away from him for good. He is not going to change, and trying to get the charges dropped is a guarantee that he won't stop because he knows you'll do nothing. It will get worse. The next time the gun won't be unloaded. How will you fee about letting him get away with it now, if you are still alive? How will it feel to stand over a dead child's body?

This is not a joke.

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Answered on 4/03/11, 5:38 am

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