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I'm a dealer, I pay insurance for private use of my car. A girl jump from the other lane and hit my car. She did not stop. I follow her and told her she hit my car. She apologize, and said she was rushing for an interview. The damage was light, and we try to negotiate without involving the cop.She called her father, and he told her to call the cop. A cop came forty minute afterward. Both car was park in a hospital parking lot when he arrived. .She admitted to the cop she was at fault.The cop was very rude to me. He said his not going to file the report because my insurance will not pay for the damages because the car was not badly damage When I tried to talk back to him, he told me to speak up, he can't understand me. He said his going to have my car towed .He was more mocking me. He told me to write the name of everyone in the car. I did. He took one hour to respond back to me, and said he taught I was going to walk to his car and bring the names to him. He said he can't read my hand writing and ask someone else to write the name down, two people in the car wrote it again, he still said the same same thing. The two passengers are social workers with master degree. He called two other cops to try to get my car towed . They came and just ask me was the car register in Georgia, they told the cop how to file the report and both cop left..He took two hours to write the report. He was joking with the other girl, and told her she can leave, He kept me kept for thirty more minute. I don't think he gave her a ticket. He came back and gave me two tickets, one for a seat belt for one of the passenger, the other for improper use of my tag. I don't know what that mean. He did not explain to me why my tag was use improperly. When I question him, he got more upset. He ask me numerous time where I was going, and coming from, as if he try to get me to change my story. He tried so hard to find me at fault. I went to the police station to file a complaint. They told me to come back in five days so they can look look at the report. They told me he is not allowed to question me and give me a ticket because the car was parked, and I had insurance, They said he did not stop me,They told me they going to look at the video tape.

Asked on 8/24/14, 8:25 am

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Kevin Linder Gerard Linder, LLC

It sounds like the police officer may have discriminated against you. You should discuss the specifics of your case with an attorney to see if you have a claim worth pursuing in court. Good luck.

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Answered on 8/24/14, 8:33 am
Scott Riddle Law Office of Scott B. Riddle, LLC

You has several good answers on the other forum. This is not going to be solved on a message board, with one side of a long story. See a traffic lawyer or take your chances with the Judge (who will almost always go with the officer's story).

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Answered on 8/24/14, 9:25 am

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