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checks recieved in the mail

approximately 4 to 5 weeks ago i received a check in the mail. I thought it was a check from an internet business turns out the check was no good and when I emailed this company they said they never sent me a check.

Now I have a bank that I deposited the check in calling me saying that I committed a criminal act by submitting a counterfeit check, however, as I told the fraud rep, once I found out about the check being no good I called the bank and tried to cancel the deposit. The fraud rep said that unless the deposit was made in the bank that they could not cancel the check. Now she is telling me that I better find the emails I sent the alledged company asking about the check and I explained to her that I did not have the emails now she is coming accross as very threatening. I have never done anything illeagal and now I have managed to get caught up in some crap that I knew nothing about in the first place.

I need someone to tell me some what are my options. I do not know anybody associated with bad checks or anthing else to that nature but now I stand to loose my job, family, reputationa and possibly go to jail. again I have never done anything closely related to criminal.



Asked on 10/10/00, 6:44 pm

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David Shestokas Shestokas, & Associates

Re: checks recieved in the mail

An important first question is did you either get money for or write any checks upon that deposit? If not, then you received nothing of value for that check, and proving criminal intent would be very difficult. However, if you did receive value, it would be important to contact legal counsel to defend the accusations against you. 630-243-0099

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Answered on 11/06/00, 10:12 am

Re: checks recieved in the mail

Hello. In my opinion, you

should not make any more

statements to the fraud division of the bank, or anyone else for that matter.

Hire an attorney immediately

and have them contact the bank

on your behalf. It is very

important to remain silent even though you know you are

innocent because the people

hired by the bank's fraud division are usually promoted

for prosecutions and arrests

in connection with fraud. Therefore, the fraud people,

to promote their careers, may

attempt to put words in your

mouth and add fire to the flame....if you know what I

mean. Stay clear of anymore

conversations with the bank

and get a lawyer like yesterday.....good luck!!

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Answered on 11/11/00, 1:45 am

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