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My dog Bit two people. They are saying I will have to pay all the hospital bills and the humane society told me the dog might be put down is their anything I can do to get my dog back?

Asked on 11/28/09, 5:11 pm

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Your dog will be evaluated by the animal control and a decision will be made as to whether or not he or she is a dangerous dog. If they found the dog to be dangerous, there will be a hearing in which the animal control officer will give information to the judge regarding the finding. You will be notified of that hearing and you can attend and dispute the findings and defend your dog. If you lose, you may appeal--and if you lose again, your dog will be put down. I have had cases like that and it is simply a sad story all the way around.

With respect to the hospital bills--you will have to pay those ONLY if the other side can prove that they did nothing in ways of provoking your dog before they got bitten. If they provoked the dog, the law is on your side. If they were minding their own business and you dog comes out and bite them for no apparent reason then you are responsible for the bodily injuries.

If your dog does not have any history of aggression before this event, you should get affidavits from all people who know your dog talking about how your dog is a nice dog and that he has never shown any aggressive behavior towards humans. If there is evidence of provocation, you should make sure the hearing officer and the judge know about it. If you love you dog and you want to save him or her from being put down, you have to put up a defense campaign for him. Get affidavits, get people to show up in the hearing and testify about how your dog is a nice one, have picture of the dog playing with kids etc... any evidence.

However, if the dog has a history of being aggressive, perhaps the best solution for you and the dog is what the animal control decides.

I hope this helps-

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Answered on 12/03/09, 11:20 pm

Defending such a case depends on multiple factors your attorney will need to consider. Your inquiry was somewhat vague. How exactly did your dog bite two people? When? Was your dog leashed? Was the skin broken from the bite(s)? What were the ages of those he bit? Does your dog have his rabies tags? Has the dog ever had a bite case reported in the past? What breed is your dog? You live in Danville, no? The rules there may be wholly different than those in Chicago.

If you need any additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Answered on 12/04/09, 1:08 pm

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