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My left foot was crushed by an associate driving an electric forklift carrying 10,000 lbs., on June 10th of 2012. I was sent to the hospital by ambulance and was put on crutches and said that I had a foot contusion. I was sent to physical therapy by my doctor because of the pain I was in and given, medication as well as electric muscle stimulation. Which did nothing for my pain, I was then referred to a foot specialist. I received three cortisone injections and muscle relaxers from the specialist and a MRI was also done and showed fluid and arthritis in which I never had problems with my foot until it was injured. The pain was still there so the specialist referred me to a pain specialist in which I was given more medicine and also stated that my back could be the cause of my foot hurting still because I was having back pain also and didn't have it before the accident. The pain specialist did x-rays on my back and said that I had a curve in my spine and could have been caused by injury. I went to the work comps doctor for an IME report and haven't been contacted by the insurance company yet. I have not been paid my TTD that is owed to me for when I was taken off work again by the specialist and when I was on light duty only doing four hours a day instead of my twelve hours. I have been given the run around by not only my job but also the insurance company telling me that they need my check stubs in which they have not received from my job yet. I am still in pain in both my foot and back. But my question is my husband is in the military we are about to Colorado and I need to know what I need to do about my injury and my pay. Since I have to move how will my treatment go and are they entitled to still treat me; and do I have to travel back and forth to Illinois for treatment or can I go in the state I move to Do I get an attorney in Illinois or can I get one in the state I move to . Please help Thank you

Asked on 9/11/13, 9:31 am

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Mike Helfand

Wow, I'm sorry to hear about this. That sounds like a terrible injury.

1. They do still pay for your treatment.

2. Your pay depends on whether or not you have any work restrictions.

3. You get a lawyer in the State where you were hurt. A CO lawyer can't help you.

Call me at (312) 346-5320 and I'll answer any other questions you have and refer you to a lawyer if you need one.

Yours truly,

Michael Helfand

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Answered on 9/11/13, 9:47 am
Sal Sheikh

You need to hire an Illinois Workers Compensation Attorney ASAP.

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Answered on 9/11/13, 9:50 am
Nima Taradji Taradji Law Offices

The best advice based on what you have written is that you need to get an attorney in Illinois and as soon as you can. There is no time to waste because you do not have any friends in this situation--everyone, the adjuster, your employer all have an interest in short changing you. This sort of cases are taken on a contingency basis-that is you don't pay anything until there is a recovery for you. Initial consultations are always free in my office and if you need more information you may contact us.

I hope this helps-

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Answered on 9/11/13, 9:52 am
John Wunsch Law Offices John C. Wunsch, P.C.

We are sorry to hear of this incident and hope your husband is doing better.

You will need a lawyer in the State where the accident happened. You will file a workmen's compensation case as well as potentially a third party case depending on the facts.

The workmen's compensation case will provide you and your husband with a number benefits including future benefits which I can explain.

Please call should you wish to discuss further. (312) 977--9900.

Many thanks,

John C. Wunsch

Law Offices


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Answered on 9/11/13, 11:25 am

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