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Please let me know how to change date of birth on SSC certificate in Andhrapradesh

Asked on 6/28/10, 5:05 am

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ny person who intends to change his name residing in the State of Andhra Pradesh has to apply in the Form prescribed in Annexure-I to the District Magistrate/ Addl. District Magistrate/Executive magistrate. Basing on the information furnished by the individual, the District Magistrate/Addl. District. Magistrate/Executive Magistrate after satisfying himself and after obtaining enquiry report, if necessary shall issue a letter or Memorandum in the Form prescribed in Annexure-II.


Application Form


The Mandal Revenue Officer,



1. I.A.B(Existing full name of the personconcerned in Block Letters). Insert his full present address showing Door No Locality, Village or town or Cirty,Police Station, Taluk,& District where born at and as a Citizen.

2. My age on the date of application is(date of birth in the Christian Era and age).

3. My father's full name is/in Block letters.

4. My Mother's full name is/in Block letters:

5. I am single/Married/Widow

6. My wife's/Husband's full name is/was :

7. Marks of identification :




8. Occupation :

9. I am in the service of the State Govt./the Govt. of India. State the nameof the Dept. Designation and date ofhis appointment.

10. Profession or Occupation other thanGovt. service (here state detailsregarding designation, name and addressof Employer, Station of posting etc.)

11. Intend to change my existing name as full name in block letters.

12. I.A.B. to solemnly and sincerely declarethat the fore-going particulars stated in this application are true and I makethis solemn declaration conscientiously believing the same to be true.

Place : Signature of the Applicant

Date :



With reference to the application filed by---------------------is informed that on the basis of the information available, ---------------------(address)---------has qualified for recognition as a Citizen of India. The communication has been issued to him/her so as to enable him/her to change his/her name/surname and it has no legl validity what so ever.

Mandal Revenue Officer,

Mandal Executive Magistrate.



CHANGE OF NAME - Change of name by Citizen ofIndia, residing in the Andhra Pradesh State - Procedure to be followed after lifting up the Emergency - Orders - Issued.

GENERAL ADMINISTRATION (GENERAL-C) DEPARTMENTG.O.(P) No. 819 Dated 8th December, 1977Read the Following :G.O.(P) No. 483, General Administration (General-C) Department, dated 13th April, 1972.


In the G.O. read above procedure was laid down for change of name by the Citizens of India residing in the Andhra Pradesh State. Consequent on the revocation of the proclamation of emergences and the cessor of Rules made under the Defence and Internal Security of India, Act, it has become necessary to review the procedure that had been in vogue in regard to the change of name. The Government after careful examination, hereby lay down the following revised procedure in supersession of the procedure prescribed in the Government Order read above.

2(1) Any person residing in the State of Andhra Pradesh who intends to change his name shall apply, in the first instance, in the form in Annexure-I to this Order, to the District Magistrate, the Additional District Magistrate or an Executive Magistrate having jurisdiction, for issue of an official communication in the form of a letter or memorandum to the effect that he is a Citizen of India.

(2) The District Magistrate, the Additional District Magistrate or the Executive Magistrate having jurisdiction, may on the basis of information furnished by the applicant and after such inquiry as he thinks fit, issue a letter or memorandum in the form in Annexure-II to this Order, to the effect that on the basis of the information available, he is qualified for recognition as a Citizen of India. The Magistrate concerned shall exercise due caution and satisfy himself about the applicant's claim to Indian Citizenship before issuing the letter or memorandum.

(3) The applicant shall, there after send another application to the Director of Government, Printing and Stationery (Printing Wing), along with the letter or memorandum issued by the Magistrate concerned for publication of a private advertisement, in the Andhra Pradesh Gazette, on payment of the publication charges.

(By Order and in the name of the Governor of Andhra Pradesh)

A. KRISHNASWAMYChief Secretary to Government

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Answered on 6/28/10, 5:25 am

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