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Short of contacting the county attorney and asking him or her to bring criminal charges against this man, what can be done to prevent a mentally ill man from victiimizing a close "friend" of mine any longer?

The woman has asked me repeatedly not to intervene, but that follows her venting her frustrations.

Between this animal and her Mother, and a handful of two legged dogs, this woman is a wreck. She has mentioned suicide to me just recently and I can no longer ignore any of this crap.

What is happening is this Mother of two is now being treated like a child by everyone she knows because they think she is on drugs.

What they did was take what they wanted from her in the name of her abusing drugs.

Her mother kept the youngest child and took custody. This grandmother has a history of taking whatever she wants from this woman who lives with her. She has never let my friend claim her own children as dependents on her tax returns.

The oldest is in sixth grade, the youngest in second grade.

Each child has a different father.

The first guy is thirty years older than my friend and was a cocaine dealer when she got pregnant with her first child.

He's a pure predator.

He's self employed and successful, and that seems to make him think he's God.

I am told he is now a recovering addict, but he's an absoulte control freak.

He had to pay child support for the child he fathered, to my friend, and now he takes revenge on her after using rumors with no proof to substantiate his claim she is using drugs.

She was a very good Mother and still is.

What's happening to her is a crime and it's very wrong.

This guy has no idea I know he sells drugs or did.

He strung this woman out on drugs for sex and now has taken her child and salvation away to punish her for being on drugs.

He FORCES her to go to four AA meetings a week like he is a probation officer and she is being held accountable for a crime.

She has broken no laws, committed no crime.

Yet, this drug dealer and control freak thirty years her senior has taken her oldest child away and now acts like his is the law of the land.

I have been involved with AA for decades and have nearly twenty years sobriety, myself.

I signed this friend of mine's AA card for her a few weeks ago.

This guy forces her to produce this card with AA signatures every week or two and actually called me to verify the signatures on the card.

Probations don't even do that, EVER!

This guy is mentally ill and has to be stopped.

He pours concrete for a living.

The IRS should investigate him as well as the narcotics detectives.

Or better, still, someone who is not a professional law enforcement officer and not a professional tax person should impersonate one like he is impersonating not only a probation officer, but a law abiding citizen and a "good" person.

Don't know if the boy is being abused, but his Dad probably beats him to discipline him.

That's how control freaks are.

What can I do to save this woman's life?

This has been going on for over a year and she finally has slowed down enough to see how this guy screwed her, again.

The father of her youngest child was an even bigger scumbag than this first guy, but at least he had a criminal record a mile long and was a low life who didn't use the law to get what he wanted.

That guy, too, is a predator but one that is easy to handle because he's a bum who owes one million dollars in back taxes.

He pours concrete for a living, too, and likes to string out little girls and women on drugs for sex.

Now, I can handle both of them without any help.

But I will end up in prison.

Because I am in love with that woman.

So I am very emotionally involved in this situation and very, very angry.

NOBODY likes me when I'm angry.

Everyone is afraid of me, so I can't be counted on to peacefully persuade this guy to cease and decist playing probation officer without an expectation of his calling police and lying to them.

Like they all do.

So what can I do BEFORE it escalates into violence?

We are in Omaha, Nebraska, he is in Glenwood, Iowa.

Thank you.

Asked on 3/25/13, 5:11 am

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Robert Luedeman solo practitioner

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Answered on 3/25/13, 7:08 am

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