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Hello my name is Dave. I am currently in high school as a senior. Today I was called into the principles office and questioned about a painting of a kids car. I know the kid from seeing him around school, but have never really talked to him or know him on a personal level. The principal asked where I was Saturday night (the day that the principal said it took place). I played basket ball indoors with three other friend of mine. That was until a little after 11 at night. One of my friends drove home and then the other two all stopped at my house. From there we all went in one of my friends cars and headed to Walmart to get some food because it was late and we were hungry and out of food. On the way there we noticed a car was following us so we stopped and addressed the driver, who happened to be a kid from my school. He said he was trying to find out who put barbecue sauce on his friends car. We didn't know anything about it so we said goodbye and went to Walmart and then went home. At school today (Monday) a kid asked me if I put barbecue sauce on the kids car. I told him I didn't and he said he thought I did because I was seen. I think he is referring to my encounter with the kid in the car that was following me. I feel like the whole gossip around school is that I did it. I don't want to be blamed for something I didn't do. My question is what are my rights and what would they need to convict me of it? I'm not a popular kid to begin with , so I feel like everyone is going to blame it on me and try to make me "fess up" so to say. So far the police isn't involved and it didn't happen at school because no one was there that late on a Saturday night. What are you guys thoughts? Thanks for your time!

Asked on 10/14/13, 4:00 pm

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Robert Luedeman solo practitioner

Until you've been charged with something rights don't enter into the picture. If you're asking how you can compel people to shut up who say unkind things about you unless it rises to the level of harassment you already know the answer. And you can probably guess what happens when you sic the police on people.

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Answered on 10/14/13, 9:43 pm

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