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I let my boyfriends daughter and her boyfriend move into my home after they were kicked out of his parents home and had no where to go. I told them they could stay as long as they were working to get their own place. Then the horrible arguments started between the two. I told them after they had an argument that had them in my front yard screaming and hollering at each other, that it was unacceptable behavior and would not be tolerated in my home. Today they had another brawl so I told the boyfriend he was no longer welcome and he needed to leave. He was respectful and started to get his belonging packed up. The daughter then proceeded to get very ugly about the situation and I ended up asking her to leave also. She told me I could not kick her out because she had been there longer than 6 weeks. There has never been a lease and the only thing I asked for was some grocery money which they only contributed $150.00 the entire 4 months they were here. I ended up calling the police to my home when she started getting verbally loud and threatening to see them out. They did not get all of their belonging out today. What are my rights as the homeowner and does she have any rights like she claims?

Asked on 4/11/13, 4:20 pm

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Sounds like you made the right decision in kicking them out. Unless there is some strange local ordinance that says you can't remove troublemaking freeloaders from your home, she's inventing law for the magical world in which she lives, where there is no accountability or responsibility for her bad behavior. And even if such an ordinance exists, change your locks and arrange a time for them to pick up their belongings (with witnesses present). If she's so sure about this "six week rule," let her try to file suit against you; she'd need to come up with more money than she paid you for groceries to actually file the lawsuit. The damage she will cause by continuing living with you is hefty.

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Answered on 4/11/13, 8:04 pm

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