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An online loan company claims I made a internet loan with them and claim I owe them around $1,046.00. They told me if suite was filed it would be in the amount of $8,000.00. They would give me no options to pay. Wanted $146.00 money immediately for so called good faith money or up front money w/$600.00 on the first and $300.00 on the 15 of same month. I asked for longer to pay less amounts and they rejected that..I paid the $146 because of the way they threatened me...and finally got them to break the balance into 2 payments Feb 1 and March 1. I asked to see proof of the loan and the initial amounts and was told they could only show me the papers if they filed suite. I made a $400 payment on Feb 1 and they expect the balance March 1. I truthfully dont remember the company they seem to represent CASH ADVANCE AMERICA. Never heard of them. I had a loan with 500 fast cash and paid it off in 6 payments. It was not over $300 dollars. Should I demand proof of this loan or am I just screwed. I am retired and the 2 payments I made are killing me. Hurting financially that is. Please advise - should I tell them to take a hike or what....I am scared they are not for real...but dont want to deal with the courts. I have kept all my documentation and have written down everything that conversations were about.

Thank You

Asked on 2/06/10, 10:28 am

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Adam Lambert The Law Office of Adam S. Lambert

If you have legitimate reasons to believe that this debt is not your debt, you should not pay anything on it unless and until the debt is confirmed. The courts, not the creditor, decide what amount is owed for attorney's fees, etc., but I have never seen any court turn a thousand dollar debt into an eight thousand dollar debt. That just doesn't happen.

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Answered on 2/11/10, 10:45 am

Nick Pizzolatto, Jr. Pizzolatto Law Office

Why in the world would you pay ONE CENT to anyone you did not owe money to. You say you only made one fast cash loan of $500 and you paid that off. Then you pay another $500+ to an unknown entity and you want to know what to do. You come to a free site and tell us this cock and bull story and you expect us to buy it? You owe someone some money and you are not telling all. If you owe it and cannot pay, then don't. They cannot either eat you or put you in jail UNLESS YOUR FAILURE TO TELL US ALL THE FACTS INCLUDES A CRIME.

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Answered on 2/11/10, 4:23 pm

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