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same sex children sharing a bedroom.

I have two children a boy and girl. Currently they share a bedroom. Their ages are 3, and 20 months. I have heard that it is against the law for children of different sexes to share a room. is this a true or false statement.

Asked on 6/16/02, 9:25 pm

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Lisa Lane McDevitt McDevitt Law Office

Re: same sex children sharing a bedroom.

No, no, no, no, no! Unless there is history of your toddler fondling or otherwise exhibiting inapporiate behavior then you can have your children sleep in the same room.

Are you kidding me?

Children NEED to have their siblings! My siblings, many...way too many years ago...used to play and wrestle waaaaaaaaaaaayyy past bed-time. While we as parents know they should not be up that late playing ("shhh you go to sleep now") we all know that siblings love to play long past Mommy and/or Daddy's head has hit the pillow.

There is no state mandated sleeping arrangement. Let them eat, let them be merry, let the sleep! While I understand your concern (you strike me as a good parent to even post this question) absent allegation of inappropriate behavior just relax and don't worry!

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Answered on 6/18/02, 11:13 pm

Re: same sex children sharing a bedroom.


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Answered on 6/16/02, 9:38 pm
G. Joseph Holthaus III Law Offices of G. Joseph Holthaus

Re: same sex children sharing a bedroom.

No, infants and young children share rooms all the time whether they are the

same or opposite gender. There is no law to this effect. However, where there is an

issue of abuse, whether sexual or physical or mental, you should be cautioned to continue and this is a decision

that you will need to make when and if the time comes. If such abuse were to occur and you were to take no response, social services could become involved...nonetheless,

this is likely not something you need to address now. Moreover, as the children enter pre-teens, you would be best to make other suitable arrangements.

Now, you do not mention whether you are divorced, separated, or married. Depending on the circumstances and the relative

abilities of both parents, this may be a matter that could be asserted against you in a custody proceeding. This would not be the sole matter that would determine custody against you.

Custody matters involve much more than merely the kids sharing a bedroom.

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Answered on 6/20/02, 10:58 am
Carolyn Press Chung & Press. P.C.

Re: same sex children sharing a bedroom.

There is no law against children of differenat sexes sharing a room. I can't imagine anyone objecting to your two infants sharing a room. Common sense, not the law, would to most people indicate that when they are older (and I think you can figure out how much older) if will become inappropriate for them to share a room.

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Answered on 6/19/02, 10:40 am

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