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I was just wondering what someone's best and worse guess of the outcome of my case could be for financial support for everything and my car, given the details.

My husband and I have been married for almost 5 years. We have been separated (not legally) most of the time. He had been in California in the military and I had been in Maryland living with my folks. He is no longer in the military and now has a criminal record.

For the first 2 1/2 years, he was the only one working and had been "supporting" my daughter and I whether by "responsibility" or by military force. Since then, I have had a job and have been supporting my daughter and me in MD. He doesn't send money to help raise our daughter. He hardly calls or evens emails to check on her. He doesn't even take of or provide for the other child he created during our marriage in CA.

I have my own car where my mother is the co-signer. He has only driven the car a few times within the past year while he was here in MD and doesn't help me pay for it in any way. And while he was here, I put a car in my name for him. He was supposed to be paying me for it, but he decided to not do that and drive it off to CA and has had it for several months without paying and is costing me over $500 a month. I did also file a police report for unauthorized use. I will by flying there tomorrow to get it back and sell it or transfer it to him.

I also put a credit card in my name for him a few years ago when we were separated, me here, him in Cali, to help him in a financial bind. I closed the card last year because he maxed it out and wouldn't stop swiping it and I'm the one paying for that also.

He also claims he has a job again in CA but I don't know what it is.

Asked on 7/02/13, 6:13 am

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Robert Sher Wagshal and Sher

You are certainly entitled to child support, and you should file a petition for custody and support here in MD. You will have to serve him with it in CA. It doesn't sound like you are a good candidate for alimony, so I wouldn't pursue that. As for the car, unfortunately you put your credit record at unnecessary risk by financing it and giving him control over it. Hopefully you'll be able to recover it on your trip, but be prepared to hear him tell the police that you gave it to him as a spousal gift, and the police may tell you that you will have to pursue it in civil court.

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Answered on 7/02/13, 7:27 am

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