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has the statute run out

back in 1992 i was raped. i don't know why i did this but i went to a store where the person who raped me his friend worked there and i said that this person raped me. it is on the stores video tape. it is now 11 years later and the person that raped me says he quit his job because of what i said and now is suing me. it's all around my neighborhood that he's getting our house and cars. i have not gotten any paperwork to go to court or anything. i also heard that i am being kicked out of this state. so what i want ot know is isn't the statute up for that situation? can i be kicked out of a state?

Asked on 10/28/03, 11:14 am

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Thomas Workman Law Offices of Thomas Workman

Re: has the statute run out

It sounds like someone is trying to intimidate you to shut you up. You cannot be "kicked out of the state".

Did you report the rape to the police in 1992? Did they do anything to charge the person who raped you? How old were you when this happened? If you were underage, and sex happened, then the person who did it is guilty of rape, you cannot "consent" when you are underage.

If you did not report the rape, then the defendant, if he is charged, will try to use this fact to imply that you are making things up many years later.

Tom Workman

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Answered on 10/28/03, 11:23 am

J. Whitfield Larrabee J. Whitfield Larrabee

Re: has the statute run out

I agree with much of what attorney Workman has said. If you were a customer of the store where

the rapist worked, you may have a claim

not only against the man who raped you but also against the store where he worked.

Is your claim barred by the statute of limitations? This would depend on the particular

facts of your case, particularly your age.

If you were a minor when this assault occured,

you would have at least until your 21st Birthday to bring a claim.

With regard to the rapist's claims against you, it is not clear when reported his conduct to his employer. If it was more than three years ago, it is likely that he missed the statute of limitations to accuse you of wrongdoing.


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Answered on 10/28/03, 1:30 pm

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