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I have been to court several times over the past 4 years because my ex husband has failed to pay child support numerously. Attorneys around here told me I had to get a Contempt against him and that would change everything. Well, I got the first Contempt almost 2 years ago, and he still didnt obey! He made excuses for years and the court let him get away with it. Finally they demanded him to get a job (which he already had under the table for years) and pay a set amount for the 2 children, which he agreed to through his attorney. Once again, he didn't obey the order and the judge issued another contempt against him during a compliance hearing and a jail sentence if he failed to pay a certain amount within 120 days. Well, he failed to pay it AGAIN and now nobody is doing anything!!! The court has proven that they are nothing more than a big joke that will take your money but not enforce their judgments. What is the use of going to court for 2 contempts and paying into a system that wont enforce an order?? This is absolutely ridiculous. He owes over $30,000. Part of the problem is that he lives in another state! I am in MA he is in MN. Regardless, it doesnt change the fact that my children are still being denied support, he is still disobeying court orders, and they are failing to stand behind their own judgements and laws! Who loses? My family. What do you do in a situation like this?

Asked on 10/21/09, 11:13 am

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If you do not have an attorney get one. If you have one, ask that they request a haebeus and or an arrest warrant that requires him to appear in court in person and explain why he has not complied with your demand.

MDOR should be contacted to see if they can levy and tax refunds he gets in Minn.

Good luck

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Answered on 10/26/09, 11:38 am

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The distance is a factor. The Court can order his detention pending payment.

If you have questions, contact me.

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Answered on 10/26/09, 1:20 pm

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