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I was in a fight w a neighbor July 28th of this year, it was brief, the girl hit me (while flinging her arms and screaming) so I hit her back, I have a witness to attest to that. The cops were called and after I gave my statement they asked me if I wanted to pursue charges I told them I did, I hadn't heard from anyone from the police station for two weeks so I called and left the officer a messages stating I had changed my mind and didn't want to move forward. Thereafter I called the prosecutors office to see if he had recieved the case he told me he hadn't, so I sssumed it would be dropped. Fast forward a month later, my neighbors tell me that the police were over to the girls house whom I fought and went across the street to speak w neighbors (who I assume are HER witnesses) so I call the police dpt again to see if there are any updates and they tell me it's an open case and it's at the prosecutors office so I call the prosecutor again and he tells me he had the case and was going to charge us BOTH w mutual combat and give us the option to resolve it and drop the case BUT the police sergeant called him last week and told him they were sending it downtown b/c of "special circumstances". So I want to know since I dropped my charges does she have the upper hand now and able to twist the events (which I'm sure she did when the police came to her house, hence; "special circumstances") and I'm the one who will solely be charged or will the police report still reflect that I stated I wanted to press charges? The prosecutor also stated that sending it downtown (THE BIG PROSECUTORS OFFICE) means it's much serious and state laws can be applied instead of the local ordinances of our small township which is what he was going to go by. I should also add that neither of us was arrested that day and the officer said he wasn't pressing charges against anyone.

Also I have never heard of such a slow process like this I thought this things move much faster, they are sending our case to DETROIT which has there hands full of murders and robbery so who knows how long this will drag on, is there a statue of limitations on these kinds of cases?

Asked on 9/02/17, 7:14 am

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Charles Kronzek The Kronzek Firm PLC

Depending on the specific offense, the general statute of limitations in Michigan is seven years.

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Answered on 9/02/17, 8:22 am

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