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Motorcycle Accident



Earlier tonight i was driving my

mothers car(im not on her insurance,

i live at college most of the year). I

rear ended a motorcycle going

around 20. I dropped my cigarette at

the time and was paying less

attention. The guy thankfully is alive

with only bruises and scratches. He

bought the bike the same

day(chance that he didnt have

insurance on it yet). So far ive only

been issued a ticket for rear ending

him. I am wondering if the insurance

will cover cost of the bike and to fix

my mothers car(bike is totaled, car

only has cover damage, just need a

new hood and bumper). Also, is he

able to take me to court, if so, what

can i do to help the situation?(i fully

understand it is my fault, but he

came out with only bruises and

scratches and im a college student

with no money).

Asked on 7/15/09, 6:34 am

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Jerald Aaron Law Office of Jerald N. Aaron

Re: Motorcycle Accident

My law practice is almost exclusively dedicated to representing injured motorcyclists.'s your answer:

If the motorcycle rider did not have collision coverage on his insurance or did not have insurance, he is out of luck getting the motorcycle repaired by insurance. Your mother's insurance fixes her car and his insurance fixes his. If he has none, then he's got a major problem on his hands, unfortunatly.

As for his injuries, if he has only bruises and scratches he'll likely not receive any compensation because his injuries do not meet the "threshold" in Michigan for a recoverable injury.

There's your answer. Now,simply turn the matter over to your mother's insurance company and let them handle it from here. Don't worry about your money situation. You're in the clear. on that.

Let's hope the motorcyclist has collision insurance so that he can at least get his bike fixed.

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Answered on 7/20/09, 8:39 pm
Timothy Klisz Klisz Law Office, PLLC

Re: Motorcycle Accident

You will simply turn the claim over to your mom's auto insurer and they will take care of things. You should be fine. Tim Klisz

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Answered on 7/15/09, 8:00 am
Daniel Hajji Daniel Hajji & Associates

Re: Motorcycle Accident

You need to advise your Mother to contact her insurance agent and/or the insurance Co. directly and inform them of the accident. They will handle it from there with the other driver and your Mom's car.

As far as the traffic ticket and since this forum is dedicated to criminal law, I suggest that you contest it. You do not need points on your record, especially if you're young. Ponits are reported to the secretary of state and when you accumulate too many, it can have an adverse effect, such as, suspension of your driver's license, imposition of driver responsibility fees, insurance premium increases and sometimes loss of employment. Regardless who was at fault in the accident, you ought to still fight the ticket. If you should have further questions, feel free to contact me: 248.865.4700 Daniel Hajji

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Answered on 7/15/09, 4:43 pm

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