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Today I was pulled over at 12:30 am coming home from work on the free way right where it starts it was during construction. AS NORMAL i figure that the speed limit was 55 to 60 during construction zone unless a worker was present. I got pulled over and I asked the cop why and he responded rudely with do you know how fast you were going. I said yea like 55 or 60. Hes like the speed limited 45 I am like no thats where workers are present. He then points to a sign that is like litterly 100 feet in front of me which the sign says 60mph and states that it does not start till there. He clocked me in at 58! which is within the normal speed for construction!!! He then proceed to mock me and I asked If I knew where he clocked me in at I said no and he said LESS THEN 3/4TH of a mile back!!! So pretty much this cop was being a complete ass and giving me this speeding ticket. Which he clearly pointed out it is 60mph just only 100 feet in front of me and that I wasnt clocked in like 2 miles back it was less then a mile which he was rude enough to point out. I am not gonna lie after that I was pissed and I said are you fucking kidding me. I was like whatever and I kinda left in huff. I go to school full time I work full time and have a part time job. My full time job is actually with the state working in a group home! I work volunteer in a lab for my professor or neuroscience 9 hours a week. I am clearly a productive citizen of society and this is what I pay my taxes for. On top of all this it!!! IT WAS AT 1230 IN THE FREAKING MORNING!!! I am so mad clearly Is there anything I can do?

Asked on 9/20/11, 12:11 am

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Daniel Hajji Daniel Hajji & Associates

Hire an attorney, unless you want to do it yourself. Call the Court, set it for an informal hearing. After the the officer testifies, cross examine him thoroughly. Look up this case called "People v Ferency" (google it), review that case and take good notes to use for your cross examination. If you lose at the hearing, let the clerk know that you want to appeal. The appeal must be done within 7 days. After you've met all of the requirements to effectuate an appeal, the Court will then set the matter for a Formal hearing, which at that point you ought to consider hiring an attorney because the officer will be represented by a prosecuting attorney who will likely beat you. Good Luck...

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Answered on 9/20/11, 2:28 am

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