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Can adults 21 & over consume alcohol on a boat while a child between the ages of 12-17 with a boating license is operating the boat?

What if the adults are over .08%

Asked on 3/15/17, 11:00 am

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Tricia Dwyer Tricia Dwyer Esq & Assoc PLLC


Firstoff, IMO, such 'role modeling' by any adult in the presence children (in the presence of anyone at all) is unseemly and unwholesome and morally reprehensible IMO and indicates a person who is ill at this time and who needs help (see the basic text of most 12 Step programs, see the DSM V, etc.).

Please know that there is a growing number of very smart and very sharp and Mega Kewl adults who deliberately choose to live their lives with nothing whatsoever to do with alcohol or other 'using' (MJ-pot, 'pills', ............). No bars, no restaurants that serve alc', no 'xmas with gramps' not if there may be 'using', no 'beer/tv/game'. The exception is that '12 Steppers' do sometimes go out in groups to try to be of help to one of 'the living dead', one of 'the still suffering' (see the basic text of the maj' of 12 Step groups, originally written back in the 1930's). People who are NOT living their lives in full sobriety cannot appreciate what it means to do so.

If you are an active alcoholic or have other 'using' issues, PLEASE get all the help you can get, from as many resources as there are. Please get into a healthy 12 Step group - check out many, ask for phone lists and stick to the winners, those who have worked those 12 Steps themselves with one or more qualified sponsors and who have very long term recovery.

As to law: Simply go to the MN DNR (Dept of Nat'l Rescs') website. There are many, many resources such as Minnesota Boating Guide, the Boat Operator's Course and Test, the MN Boat & Safety Program.

Your question is 'a complete no brainer' and IMO does not hinge on state law.

I have had reason to see the utter devastation and wreck and ruin and despair which is connected with 'using' and 'users'. BUT ONE SMALL EG in my personal experience is my memory of the wails of a mother in a courthouse whose very young adult 'child' had just been killed (murdered - see legal terminology...) by 'a user' who was at court for his 'First Appearance' as to the various criminal charges he was facing. Another 'small EG' is memory of crime scene photographs of people, adults & kids, maimed and killed (murdered) by 'users'.

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Answered on 3/15/17, 11:19 am

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