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Gall bladder surgery &leg numbness

~ Helllo! i had surgery in August of 2003 for gallbladder removal by laparoscopic surgery.. After surgery I felt fine, but my leg area on my right side was numb, just an area about a 6x6 around the knee. They was also a deep Pain that when i touch really hurts. I told my doctor he had said that it could of come from the straps being to tight aound my leg.. i went to a nuralogist last summer because it was still numb in a smaller area but still numb.. The nueologist said that that doesnt happen during surgery and that it something that can just happen..He did not do any testing al all on the leg,, I told him about the deep down pain that I have and the shooting pains that I get on occasion but he did not do any testing.. it will be 2 years this August 2005.. I still have the numbness in that area.. I still have the shooting pains ,, It is very sensitive, and hurts, when I press on that area of my leg.. I'm wondering if I have a case against the hospital or staff that tighten the belt,, And I'm wondering.. How long do I have IF I have a case and decide to take action..I just wonder if this is going to get worse or What exactly is that deep Pain inside my leg.. Thank So much for your time... JJ

Asked on 4/05/05, 6:47 pm

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Todd Johnson Johnson & Bannon

Re: Gall bladder surgery &leg numbness

Medical malpractice is a very difficult area of the law because the rules are very specific and doctors win most coses. Because of these issues most attorneys will only handle such cases if there are substantial damages involved. You would also need to show that the problems you are having related to an action by the doctor that occurred because the normal standard of care was not followed. You would need another doctor to testify that what happened to you was not following the standard of care. Just because there is a bad result doesn't necessarily mean that there is malpractice.

You need to meet an attorney in person that lives near you to discuss all of these issues. You should be aware that there are strict limits on the period of time you have to bring a claim and I would urge you to act immediately to contact an attorney.

Although my office is not representing you I hope this information has been helpful.

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Answered on 4/05/05, 8:09 pm

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