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Injured while helping now what ?


My daugter was in a bar- she seen someone get hit over the head with a beer mug- he was bleeding alot,thought he was going into shock- she handed him a towel for his head- next thing she knows that guy slams her into a wall breaking a mirror on the wall. Now she's in severe pain- she was taken to ER - they treated her for a contusion & sprain- put her right arm in a sling. She later gets severe pain on the right side of her back, I took her to Urgent care- they ran tests- said they were treating her for a bladder infection, I take her home, she takes 1 pill starts to throw up non-stop - I called clinic in the morning, I was told her culture test showed she doesn't have bladder infection & stop the pills. Her pain continue's getting worse-throwing up more. I took her to the ER the dr ran MANY tests- showed her kidney is ''enlarged'' they can't find a cause for this other than the accident she had by hitting the wall. She was admitted to the hospital and was given a IV to stop her from throwing up- dehrated-pain the 1st two shots did nothing, they gave her morphine. She has a blood test on Monday to see what is going on.She is home now- but still in pain. She is 1st responder for the Fire Dept-EMT. Can anyone be held responsible ?

Asked on 2/25/05, 10:35 pm

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Re: Injured while helping now what ?

It is possible that she may have a claim against the person who struck her and possibly the bar if she can show that this person was obviously intoxicated at the time of the assault.

You need to contact an attorney near you that handles personal injury cases. Whether she has a claim will depend on some of the particular facts of what happened.

Although our office is not representing you or your daughter on this matter, you should know that there are limits on the period of time you have to bring a claim or your daughter may lose her right to bring a claim. Contact a local attorney immediately.

Good luck

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Answered on 2/26/05, 5:28 pm
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Re: Injured while helping now what ?

Certainly, its sounds as if your daughter may have a lawsuit against the person who attacked her. However, it is not particularly likely that the person has significant assets to pay out on a claim. She may also have a claim against the bar under the dram shop laws or if teh bar was negligent in the way it handled the conflcit in the bar. A dram shop action is possible if you an demonstrate that the attacker was overserved at the bar and was obviously intoxicated.

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Answered on 2/26/05, 11:17 pm

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