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I was driving home Saturday night with my two children. I was driving on a major highway and there were no lights, it was pure dark. I noticed a car was following me so I slowed down and the car did not pass me. I went back to normal speed but was still worried about this car following me. I was driving in the right lane and then moved into the left lane, the car still followe me. I moved back unto the right lane and the car followed me again. It turned out to be a cop and he turned his lights on and I pulled over. He came up to the window and right away asked how much I had to drink, I told him nothing. He asked if I had drugs in the car, I explained no and that I thought someone was following me and I was scared at the time but thankful it was a cop behind me. He rudely asked me why someone would be following me. I could barely finish my explaination as he was so harshtalking to me. He went back to his car. My six year old daughter was crying asking why the police officer was yelling at me. The officer came back and gave me a ticket for improper lane change. I explained to him I didn't use a blinker purposely to not let the person behind me know I was changing lanes...I wanted to see if he would follow. I explained that if the car would have followed me I would not have gone home but go to the gas station down the highway and called the police. The officer ignored all I said and told me I'm bound to have cops pull me over if I'm driving lik e that. I wouldn't even have gotten this ticket if it wasn't the police following me so close originally.The other times I drive to change lanes. This was an isolated incident that I didn't use blinkers for a reason, my safety and my childrens. I spoke with the chief of police and he agreed I shouldn't have gotten a ticket and will speak with the cop but he informed me he couldn't do anything about the ticket as it's electronic, so once the tickets out there, its gone.

My question is do I have a chance of getting this dropped considering I broke the law for my safety as well as my childrens?

Asked on 9/14/16, 8:51 am

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Samuel Edmunds Sieben Edmunds Miller PLLC

It's possible. Have a lawyer help you. You may have defenses to this offense. Your lawyer may be able to strike a deal with the prosecutor to keep the offense off of your record.

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Answered on 9/14/16, 9:24 am

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