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My husband has an ex wife that while married became pregnant with a little girl he was happy took care of the baby the ex became withdrawn and would have nothing to do with the child or him. Then almost immediately she became pregnant a second time. Again my husband was excited and supportive then while at the hospital while she was have the second baby the nurse gave the child to my now husband who held what he thought was his second child, the baby was not and was mixed. My husband gave the child to his ex wife and left the hospital. The ex wife came later trying to explain and then later just told him the truth he told her he wanted nothing more from her and ended the relationship. My husband kept the first child he believed to be his while the ex wives moved to anouther county with the other man she had been sleeping with. After no contact for a year the ex wife returned to request to see the child for Easter, and saying she would return later with the child was allowed to spend time with her. Hours later when she had said she would return he tryed to contact her she wouldn't answer. That evening the ex wives mother called informing my husband she had taken the child to Newton county several hours away. No attempts by my husband succeeded in the child being brought home. Later after about six months time she agreed to bring the child for a visit if he would pay her 400 dollars in child support. He agreed and went to pick up the child, while there the mother initiated a fight slandering the father telling him he wouldn't get the child she would see to that. We left and was supposed to keep her for three days, the next morning she called complaining that she would have him arrested if she didn't go ahead and bring her back now. We went to return her so there wouldn't be problems, the mother asked for 200 more dollars and at the same time boasted about these two new tattoos on each wrist she just got, but needed money for gas and diapers. He didn't have any more money and was honest she became mad and left shouting curse words directed at me in front of her children and my own two, upsetting my own children. We then left, several more attempts over the next year with no success only her angry demands for certain amounts of money. Then one day paper work comes ordering him the pay child support on the first and second child along with legal fees for her paperwork to be processed. He called and told them the same as I have you now and we requested paternity tests, she refused to work wth us or come closer so they could be preformed and my husbands job didn't allow him time off except on the weekends. The court order was written anyway ordering my husband to pay support on two children her doesn't really know if they are his. It has been seven years now total and she allows everyone in my husbands family to see the child but my husband. She purposely goes against the court order of visitation, my husband can hardly hold a job due to her harassment or the fact that he can't live on 60 to 100 bucks a week when he is actually having money taken for two kids that again may or may not be his. One is a white female child that is possibly his or maybe not. The second is an African American and white child female that we are pretty sure isn't my husbands since my husband is white and the ex is white. Please help me he just wants to void everything out and sign away his rights because we don't know if we would ever have the chance to try and create a relationship with the one child even if it was he's she will not allow that, and I'm not against child support but I am confused by someone having to pay for anouther persons sins. Please help we pray for relief!!

Asked on 8/20/16, 6:53 am

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Anders Ferrington Anders Ferrington PLLC

You need to hire an attorney to fight the order and to demand a test

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Answered on 8/20/16, 12:38 pm

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