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Looking for an attorney that can practice in Arkansas. A fraud was put on the court by all officers of the court. We were denied our rights for discovery, we were refused transcripts of the summary judgment hearing tht was turned inot a one sided pre-trial hearing. The transcripts were only provided after we filed complaints on all officers of the court including the Judge two and a half months late. The transcripts were a direct responce to our complaint. The judges court reporter cashed the check, then still refused to sent us transcripts during this process letting appeal time run out. The Judge allowed one of opposing council to respond to the summary in brief four months late. Our attorney did not show up and we were billed as if she did. Her husband showed up supposedly yet he argued nothing. Not even what was entered into the court record. Did not argue laws and looks like he was not there as well because of the silence. Did not move the court. One of opposing council said we put a fraud on the court which is impossible. Our atttorney has the letters from opposing council proving what she entered into the court was true yet refused to provide them to us or our case file. Our attorney refused to answer a motion, then threatened us by email that if we make public the truth about her, her firm or opposing council she would sue us. Our actual case of real estate fraud was not broght up in the court. Our attorney entered into the court something she charged 6,000 for in one week but she will not tell us or show us what it was. A model case in no way like our was used and our attoney did not tell us what the case was. We found out by accident. We had many frauds put on us by the seller and his agent which we have the documents for to show the continued miscarrage of justice. The sellrs attorney never even served us for his counterclaim which was frivilous. Our attorney tried to force us to become pro-se. She left us unprotected with the consent of the Judge. The same Judge that denied us all of our rights. Thre is a lot more to this that we can prove but this should give you an idea what a circus this has been. I think we need to file criminal charges. One more thing our attorney told us right before we hired her that day last year that one of opposing council just last year in 2011 had been found guilty of obstruction of justice and fined one million dollars. The same oppsing council that said we put a serious fraud on the court. Which is impossible for a plaintiff or a defendant to do. Our attorney put into record what she viewed by the letters we received from oppsing council while we were forced to be pro-se and other documents. We put nothing into the court. Yet this was not defended. Not even the continued fraud a month later when the seller used our home he just sold us as collateral on his residsential loan application and his mortage. His attorneys firm oversaw the Warranty Deed record that allowed this as well as the bank being involved. Yet non of this was brought up in the supposed hearing. Our opinion their was no hearing at all and further proof there is no taped recording of the fraud hearing. Much more to tell but you get the idea. What branch of Federal Goverment do I need to send this information to?

Asked on 9/04/12, 3:52 pm

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Edward Hoffman Law Offices of Edward A. Hoffman

If you want an Arkansas lawyer, you should re-post your question under Arkansas instead of Missouri.

Good luck.

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Answered on 9/05/12, 11:47 am

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