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Question about Missouri warrants?

If a warrant is issued for a failure to appear in court. Will they come pick the person up right away? How long do I have to get it resolved on average??

Asked on 8/31/04, 9:17 am

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Michael R. Nack Michael R. Nack, Attorney at Law

Re: Question about Missouri warrants?

The answer to your question depends upon a variety of factors, and there is not enough information in your post to provide a good answer. However, generally speaking, in most cases where a warrant is issued for failure to appear, it is entered into a data base (or actually several data bases). Then, if the person who failed to appear is pulled over while driving, in an accident, or even in someone else's vehicle that is pulled over, the officer will get your i.d., run the computer check, and arrest you on the spot. It does not matter if the warrant was issued in a far away place, you will be held for transportation to the jurisdiction that issued the warrant. Often it is possible for an attorney to simply have the warrant cancelled once the attorney is hired and enters his or her appearance with the court. Sometimes it is necessary for the person who failed to appear to be rearrested, or voluntarily surrendered, and post bond. In this event an attorney can be very helpful in getting a bond reduction or arranging a bond that the person is able to make. If you are in the Eastern part of the state, and are not already represented by legal counsel, you may call me for a fee telephone consultation at 314-727-2822. I have handle numerous similar cases over the twenty-six years I have been practicing law.

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Answered on 8/31/04, 11:24 pm

Anthony Smith LawSmith

Re: Question about Missouri warrants?

If it was for failure to appear for a traffic or misdemeanor violation hearing, probably no officer will actively pursue the defendant. But, if it is for failure to appear for something more serious, there may be some active pursuit. how long to get it "taken care of" before getting arrested, is too tough to tell without more details.

However, even if no officer is pursuing the person, the warrant will likely come up if the defendnat is pulled over and their license is run. Therefore, you should get it taken care of as soon as you can.

Good Luck

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Answered on 8/31/04, 9:39 am

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