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I was in a car wreck tuesday, i dont remember anything during the wreck i was passed out in the car when we was hit, i was the passenger and my bf was driver he left the scene. but my question is if i am complaining of head, neck, and shoulder pain and had a headache and was passed out to where i dont remember anything except standing out side of car, should i have got medical attention imediatly (sorry having trouble spelling from wreck) and i had a cop that kept making me stand up and move around asking me questions and making me panic more when i was in in total shock and couldn't stand from shacking bad, and wasn't coherate to what was goin on. i didn't get any medical attention till a hour and half later when a cop asked if been seen yet andi said no, at that time the paramedics had everything put up and wasn't going to give me medical help, i had a concusion from it all. i could of been injured badly but luckly i am jsut bruised really bad and having trouble with ribs and chest now but got x rays and waiting for results on that. but my question is when the paramedics first got there should i of gotten medical help fast just like the other people in the other car. theychecked them out and didnt even acknowledge i was there. i wa somad bout waiting for medical help and got it a hour and a half later so i refused them to take me to hospital cuz they would have to call another ambulance there. the hospital put me in a neck brace as soon as i got there? can we sue them for not giving me no medical attention and sue the cop for making me panic more when i was in a concusion and not coherate at all. the cop kept threatening me and sayign i was on drugs when i dont do drugs i have astigmatizm in my eye but he made me move my neck back wards and side to side with out me being checked out by a paramedics?

Asked on 7/23/11, 3:50 pm

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Anthony Smith LawSmith

You might be able to sue the paramedics regardin gthe facts you described. Obviously, you can sue any driver that was at fault for the accident (including your bf) It is nto normally possible to sue police officers for thier negligence at an accidnt scene. But, it is not alway simpossible to do so. The most important thing is yrou health. You shoudl keep up wiht all medcial appointments and treatments. If you are stil interested in purusuing those that coaused yrou injuries, you should consult direclty with a personal injury attorney in your a rea. Many offer a free or low cost initial consultaion. If you need an referral to an attorney that handles persoanl injury and actions against governmental employees, you may contact me via email Make sure you refer to this question on Law Guru.

Good luck

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Answered on 7/25/11, 1:25 pm

Michael Harvath Harvath Law Offices-INJURY case representation

Hi. I am very sorry to hear about the accident that you were involved in. It sounds like it was a very traumatic experience, and was made worse by the way that you were treated, and by the fact that you did not receive medical care in a timely manner. I am a Missouri personal injury attorney that focuses my practice on auto accident cases, and we handle claims in all parts of the state, and meet with potential clients at the location of their choice.

You could have a potential claim against the police department or the city if you can establish that the treatment at the scene of the accident resulted in emotional distress or anxiety, or that the delay in medical treament potentially caused your injury to be more severe than it otherwise would have been. You should not delay in speaking with an attorney, however, because there are strict deadlines on providing notice of a claim to govenment entities.

Furthermore, you are likely entitled to compensation to account for the pain and suffering that you are dealing with, to cover your current medical expenses, and to pay for any future medical expenses. Did the driver have insurance? If not, do you have auto insurance? There are certain steps that need to be taken right away in order to preserve your rights to recover the compensation that you are entitled to. A few additional details would be necessary to provide any estimate of what type of compensation you may be entitled to.

For convenience, you can reach me by e-mail at [email protected], day or evening. In the alternative, you can call me at (314) 471-5585, day or evening. Thanks.

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Answered on 7/25/11, 5:40 pm

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