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Retired Person and Aging Related Problems

I have a family member, father or mother, who is experiencing problems managing his/her life after their retirement. He/she is having what I believe to be mental health problems. I cannot convince this person to seek a mental health examination and he/she is continuing to pose a danger to him/herself in my opinion.

But my opinion is somewhat biased based on the fact that this person is so utterly convinced of their righteousness and authority as to be beyond any suggestion of help from mere mortal men and women. This seems common with Baby Boomers.

But my parent, friend, or neighbor, whomever, is acting more and more like a child every day. I worry about his/her health, their susceptibility to the criminal element, being conned by the opposite sex, etc. They will not listen to anyone.

What can be done to force a mental health examination on an elderly person before they make a life altering mistake such as giving their fortune away to a conman/woman, committing some crime, or even hurting themselves or someone else with their ever degrading attitude on life and bad attitudes? What if they are a law enforcement officer or fire fighter?

Asked on 10/01/04, 7:49 pm

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Re: Retired Person and Aging Related Problems

You must first reestablish your parent's trust of your "good intentions."

So,... Ask your parent if you can take them grocery, personal household shopping, any medical appointments and other places they may want to go. Spend more time with them, and do more to help them in their daily living circumstance.

Then, express your concern re your parent's declining facilties to their treating physicians. And, ask them to specifically address those issues, in their exams; and ask the doctors whether different or additional medication might be indicated to better help your parent retain his/her independence.

Good luck,

Phroska L. McAlister,ESQ

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Answered on 10/03/04, 11:09 am

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