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Hello there..Just curious about an arrest I had over 10 years ago..It was at a Casino in Las Vegas......I went to court and the charges were dropped.. I immediately hired another lawyer to file suit against the casino...I am INNOCENT !! We lost the arbitration and my lawyer informed me now, that we had to go to court..I lived in another state and had a hard time covering my shifts at work taking all these trips back and forth..........although it was on a contingency basis he still needed some money to get it started.......bottom line, I pulled more money to spend. I kind of regretted that decision for years, and still to this day..Is there away to open up a case that old? Statue of Limitations are over I'm sure...I am just still HOT on what happened to me...I need some closer..........Thanks for your time

Asked on 9/12/12, 4:03 pm

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John Courtney John Peter Lee, Ltd.

If you are beyond the Statute of Limitations (abbreviated as "SOL"), there probably is no way that you will succeed in having the case reopened. If you were to attempt, however, to get the SOL extended, you must provide a compelling tolling argument. To illustrate a few examples, tolling (which extends the SOL) can be argued on the following grounds: you were a minor when the SOL lapsed, you were insane, you were incarcerated, you were in a coma, or you were engaged in good faith settlement negotiations. Further complicating things, tolling can be curbed by the Statue of Repose. Also, you could run into problems associated with estoppel, res judicata, and a variety of other things. In short, the closure you seek will probably begin to take effect the moment you forget about it and decide to move on with your life. You won't bump into as many things, and you'll get farther in life, if you look forward while moving forward, rather than looking backward while trying to move forward.

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Answered on 9/14/12, 9:37 am

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