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2C:33-4A Harassment Charges

Last Friday my daughter's ex best friend came to visit the high school where my daughter ( age 18) still attends. She is allowed to visit the class rooms because she was once a student there. While she was there she made alot of sarcastic comments about me in the rooms that both my daughter and her friends occupied knowing full well that it would upset her. That sunday some of her friends were at my home and began talking about how rude and disrespectful this girl was. They got all charged up and one of the kids called a few local vendors and had food delivered to the girls house. My daughters cell phone was used each time. My daughter however did not make the calls, I do know who it was and I would rather not point fingers at him to get her out of trouble but I guess I would if I had to. I was told her number was blocked on all calls except one. I believe there were 3 calls made in total. Anyway, today she received a compliant/summons with a code of 2C:33-4A listed on it and I told her to plead not guilty and ask the judge for there discovery. I figured they have to prove it was her that made the calls in the first place. What do you think ?

Asked on 5/03/07, 7:08 pm

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florence hessen florence f. hessen,esq

Re: 2C:33-4A Harassment Charges


Without further facts I would only be guessing. However, anyone can plead not guilty,and request discovery,etc, provided they know what they are doing. Prosecutors like judges are overworked underpaid civil servants. Your daughter has her whole life in front of her, and I would hate to see it start out with a blemish albeit minor on her record.

In sum you should have local counsel represent your daughter on this matter.

Good Luck

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Answered on 5/03/07, 7:35 pm

Daniel Cevallos Cevallos & Wong, LLP

Re: 2C:33-4A Harassment Charges

If your approach is to let the state prove its case, then on those facts, it will. There was a phone call, it was made from your daughter's phone, and any court will assume that it was made by your daughter. Done. What's worse is that you write your facts through the lens of your daughter's completely suspect story, and you even include the original insult as some kind of moral justification. If you want the state to prove its case, don't worry, it has plenty--indeed, how did they find her in the first place? And if there really was "another person" who made the calls, I'd start pointing fingers. Your daughter's record is a little more important than some high school friend that she won't even remember in five years. I recommend you talk to counsel as soon as possible, and also get the real story from your daughter, not the spin-doctored version she gave you.

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Answered on 5/03/07, 7:50 pm
Jef Henninger, Esq Law Offices of Jef Henninger, Esq.

Re: 2C:33-4A Harassment Charges

The best offense is a good defense. I suggest you get a good attorney to fight these charges with everything you've got. We have to find out how these charges were pressed against her, then get them dismissed, press charges against the person who pressed them against her, and then sue that person for legal fees, etc.

My initial consultations are always free, so call me at 732/247/3340 to discuss your case.

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Answered on 5/03/07, 9:13 pm
Savyon Grant Law Office of Savy Grant

Re: 2C:33-4A Harassment Charges

You need to hire an attorney for you daughter. She is facing a potential criminal conviction. This is not a joke. I specialize in criminal defense. I can be reached for a free consult at 201/646/9600.

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Answered on 5/04/07, 10:40 am

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