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Good afternoon,

I was in a work-related situation a while back, and wasn't sure if legal action against this establishment was possible or not.

The establishment that I am referring to is a supermarket (one location of a corporate chain), and the incident is related to online shopping (I was a driver who would deliver groceries to customers' homes, similar to the pizza delivery concept).

The system allowed for X amount of orders to be delivered during every two hour window. However, there were multiple situations where GPS coordinates would deem it impossible to meet deadlines for each and every customer, meaning that several deliveries would end up arriving late (outside the time zone that had been requested by the customer).

Despite numerous requests to view my mathematical evidence and discuss alternatives, I was told by two store managers that GPS information was not relevant and that I would be terminated from that store if I could not get each and every single delivery accomplished on time. In several instances, I was told by a store manager that it should take "no more" than ten minutes to get from town A to town B. Those two particular towns have a minimum of 22 minutes between them, according to the shortest route stated by GPS.

The only way I could have possibly kept up with that establishment was to violate numerous traffic laws, putting the public at risk (as well as myself) and endangering countless lives. I obviously chose not to violate traffic laws (even though they attempted to order me to do so on nearly a daily basis), which led to my termination.

The mathematics regarding this issue would completely back me up in any kind of a dispute with this establishment. Since I was basically terminated due to the fact that I would not follow managers' orders to blatantly commit illegal behavior and was repeatedly denied all requests to show die-hard mathematical evidence as to why multiple deliveries had no chance of making it on time, do I have any grounds for a lawsuit?

The reason I'm stressing the mathematical evidence is because two plus two will always equal four. In other words, math doesn't lie (it's objective, not subjective). Wouldn't that be a huge factor in court, as well?

Asked on 9/03/17, 12:54 pm

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Allan Marain Law Offices of Allan Marain

Good afternoon.

Legal action against the establishment IS possible. I would very much like to explore this entire situation with you in more detail.

Some ground rules. If we wind up litigating this matter on your behalf, we will be making huge investments in terms of expenses and time. As a condition of taking on this mission, we require that you have a little "skin in the game" to discourage you from losing interest after we have make these investments. Your first obligation will be to come to our office for an interview. There would be a conference fee of $105.00. If you then believe in our abilities, further amounts would become payable. They would be affordable.

Who are we? Our primary web site is Check us out. We hope to hear from you.


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Answered on 9/03/17, 1:47 pm

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