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legal age to leave

I am in a situation.

I have been seeing this one girl for about 1 1/2 years now.

Well any way she went back to new mexico where her mother lives.

Now she is 17 i am 20 we want so much to be together but now that she is back there her mother forbids it.

She plans on taking a flight out on friday the 21st of june to come here to my house.

My question is whatleagalities am i facing when she gets here?

I know her parent's will look here first.

I was thinking if had to we would go to vegas i know it sounds corny but we will if it is nessasary and get married so they cant force here back.

I live in Ct she lives in New mexico.

What should we do?

Can i get in trouble for her coming here?

And if we did go and get married in vegas can they still make her go home?

Please email and let me know.

Thank you i am just trying to make this work

Bu at the same time dont want to break any laws.

I know in Ct you can leave home at 16 but im not sure with her being 17 and in new mexico what the laws are.

Specially crossing state lines.

Asked on 6/16/02, 9:24 pm

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John Watson John Watson, Attorney at Law

Re: legal age to leave

First, you need to look at Ct. laws about a 20 year old being with a 17 year old. Second, it sounds like you have a good grasp of the interstate transportation issues. I am not real familiar with those federal laws but I think your concerns are justified. Will all of those problems go away if you get married? I do not know. Perhaps if you spent some of your airplane ticket money to consult with a lawyer in CT you might get a more clear answer.

I would venture the guess that your primary issues are surrounding her parents' desire to see her finish high school and allowing them the time to finish raising her. They signed on for the task that ends at age 18 or her completion of high school. They are almost done and I would guess that it is important to them that they are able to finish that task. It's a closure thing. The girl is THEIR daughter and they have hopes and dreams about her just as you do. The question you should consider discussing with them is 'why YOUR hopes and dreams should out weigh theirs?'

One last tid bit (from Mr. Spok [of the old Star Trek] referring to a human trait) "sometimes having a thing is not nearly as nice as desiring it. It is not logical but it is often true." This is advice from an older person telling a younger person that at those times in your life when you really really want something then consider as one of your options NOT taking the thing you desire and instead looking inside yourself and simply finding the answer to the question of WHY you desire it so much. It is not logical but it will save you a lifetime of lawyer fees in the end.

good luck.

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Answered on 6/23/02, 8:47 am

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