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i was out drinking with a friend decided to rent a hotel room in stead of driving home i rented the room like 4:30 in the morning it was Me a male friend and a female we just met that night 30 minutes later theres noise in the halway the female goes into the hallway out of the room. she called agirl friend an argument persued between all of us i closed the door on the female and her friend and get some sleep police came broke in the room they didnt call the room or nothing arrested me and my male friend.anyway police just take us out the room and put us in the car without questions when i entered the room i had a coat a book back with some personal effects and a 10 inch asus andriod tablet. police arrest us for petite larceny because the females shoes jacket were in the room unbeknown to me or my friend the police book us take us to court at 900 am to see a judge and give us a ride to the hotel the came with us to the room to make sure i recievd my personal effects when we get to the room the door is ajar its 930 maybe 10 but check out aint until 11 some of my stuff was in the room sum at the front desk but my ten inch tablet was missing another officer was called out to make a report and the and the daytime hotel manager was outright rude to me for no apperent reason told me they was gonna charger me 200 dollars on my credit card for messing up the room and i paid for the room in cash and gave my credit card for sucurity purposes which i thought was strange but at 430 things get strange what i need to know is did the police break the law entering my room like that? can i be found guilty because some left something in my hotel room. and my ten inch tablet who is responsible for that the police or the hotel or me?

Asked on 4/01/13, 11:07 am

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It does not look good for you.

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Answered on 4/01/13, 2:47 pm

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