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Last Monday (June 24), two Onondaga County detectives showed up to my parent's house(where I legally live) to question me about a "road rage" incident a "few weeks ago." They said they were looking for a white male in his 20's driving a Subaru Forrester. My father instructed them that I was in Chittenango and that I drive a Subaru Impreza. The officer quickly said that was what he meant. My parents did not give a specific address where I was. 45 minutes later, the two detectives showed up at my girlfriend's address (Chittenango, NY in Madison County) where I was babysitting her son. They gave me no information on the case other than it was a road rage incident with a male in "my car" sometime in April (not a few weeks ago) and that there were 20 suspects they were taking statements from. They said they wanted me to come down to the station to make a statement and that they would drive me. I told them I couldn't until his mother returned from work at 5PM and that I was watching him all week but they were welcome to take one at the apartment. They said they couldn't there but would call me on Monday of this week(July 1) at 9AM to schedule a time for me to come in that day before her son was out of school. When Monday arrived, I did not hear from the detectives so I assumed they had ruled me out. Today Tuesday July 2, the detectives again showed up at my girlfriends apartment at 8:30AM, waking me up. When I opened the door the Detective said immediately, "Are you ready to go?" Confused and still half asleep, I responded "You were supposed to get ahold of me yesterday to set up a time and you did not contact me." The detective said that something came up and to come down to the station they will drive me. I told them that I could not go on such short notice. They said "You aren't working, why not?" (I left my job last week and have not told the police this information) I responded that I have to watch my girlfriends son soon. The cops were pushy and aggravated by this saying they want to get this done with. They stated personal information about my girlfriend and her family including her parent's names asking why her parents can't watch him. I stated they will need to contact me in advance and that I want someone to be with me when I make the statement. I invited them to take a statement at the apartment again but the detectives stated they have to interview at the station. I told them if they want I can do it before noon any other day of the week and the detective said he is on vacation for the rest of the week so I again scheduled for next Monday. I have no involvement in any "road rage" incident in April or any other time I am 100% certain of my innocence. The detectives seem to have thoroughly investigated me and it seems like a lot of trouble to go through tracking my location down, driving 45 minutes out of county multiple times to question me when they could have called me and the fact that they are so adamant in driving me. Given their relentless and aggressive pursuit of me in this matter should I request legal council and refuse giving a statement?

Asked on 7/02/13, 12:46 pm

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This looks like an old question. In any case you are not required to make any statement, and if you do can make it on your terms, the interview in the station will likely compromise yourself.

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Answered on 7/06/13, 6:26 am

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