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Dog Mauling Attack

Was walking my dog and a german shepard jumped out of owner's house and attacked on the sidewalk. Attacked went unaware by owner's who was inside house and lasted about 5 min. Several 911 calls were placed and after 30min. while the police present, the amblulance who was in contact with the officer, still failed to show up and assist in my serious condition. Supervisor was called to transport me to the E.R.

Arrived at hospital 45min.-1hr. after mauling attack where I was immeditally cared for. .......INJURIES INCLUDED: left wrist bitten in several, below left shoulder blade lacerations, neck punctures, outer chin laceration, through lower right lip, degloving of lower front gum tissue to the actual chin bone which was visible.... puncture to right inner thigh and serverly tore ankle from the atttack. Upon inital evalation, complained of swollen ankle and was told by attending E.R. doc. that an X-Ray would be taken. It never happened nor was any blood loss tests given. Surgeon arrived and preformed emergency reconstructive surgery of my mouth and other injuries. Meds. given by staff of E.R. was morphine. Was sent home imm. after 2 round. there is so much more......HELP........

Asked on 9/16/04, 3:51 pm

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Mark S. Moroknek Kelly & Curtis, PLLC.

Re: Dog Mauling Attack

It sounds as if you should have a decent liability scenario. If you want my assistance let me know at [email protected]

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Answered on 9/19/04, 9:25 pm
Vincent L. Gonzalez Vincent L. Gonzalez, Esq

Re: Dog Mauling Attack

My firm can help you immediately. Please call me at 212 341-7946 for an appointment.

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Answered on 9/16/04, 3:56 pm
David Slater David P. Slater, Esq.

Re: Dog Mauling Attack

You certainly have the right to present a claim against the owner for injuries and any resulting monetary damages. The major issue to be determined is whether he has liability insurance to cover this loss. Good luck

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Answered on 9/16/04, 4:34 pm

Re: Dog Mauling Attack

You should immediately obtain legal assistance and further medical care, (not neccessarily from the hospital treating the emergency, after consultation with a lawer.

It is important that your lawyer investigate

ASAP, the site of the incident, the home owner, possible witnesses, and much more to preserve your evidence of injury; and to see that you are able to obtain any further or future medical care that may be neccessary.

Please feel free to call: 212-674-0355

Good luck,

Phroska L. McAlister,ESQ

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Answered on 9/16/04, 7:09 pm
Robert R. Groezinger GroezingerLaw P.C.

Re: Dog Mauling Attack

There is generally a rule that all dogs are entitled to one bite. In your case, the fact of the dog being a german shepard, mean that the dog is consdiered a dangerous breed and that this rule probably will not apply.

Your injuries certainly appear severe. They may be issues raised regarding you dog.

Please feel free to call me at 845-878-2163 to discuss your particulars in private.

Good Luck


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Answered on 9/16/04, 11:46 pm

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