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I am a male, 55. Recently I joined the Central Islp FD. I had to take an agility test. I passed but pulled a muscle in my side. I went to doctor who said it was probably a muscle but wanted me to have a cat scan to rule out kidney stones. I had that done at Medical Arts Radiology in Bay Shore (where I received an IV). Later that night my pain was very bad and I went to Southside Hospital ER. They put me on an IV muscle relaxor and pain medication. The next day I went to my doctor to follow up. He wanted me to go to hospital overnight for an MRI - just to make sure there was nothing else wrong - even though he suspected a muscle pull...especially after I told him what the FD agility test consisted of. The MRI showed the same result as the cat scan - negative...BUT now I was told that I have a Staph infection in my blood! I spent the next 8 days in the hospital on antibiotics and having all kinds of tests performed. Now I am at home and on IV three times a day until May 15. I have NEVER been to the hospital in my life. The one time I go for muscle pain I contract an infection that could have been fatal ! The doctors said, although I am not sure they will admit it, that the infection was probably contraced from the hospital IV. Do I have any legal recourse against either the hospital or the Radiology group? Note: The doctors checked for any open sores on my body where an infection could have entered - and found none. Thank you.

Asked on 5/05/11, 6:39 am

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Contact an atty that specializes in medmal. I cannot specifically redommend anyone oon this board but I know some near us I am about to call myself in a few minutes on some other cases. Medmal is a sub-specialty-you especially need that with a case involving infections (my client's case involves that) but they often won't take cases under a certain $ amt. b/c medmal cases are expensive to win or even get to settlement. Other attys might have different opinions so sometimes, you need to "shop". Having your med records handy with photocopies helps when you go on your consults.

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Answered on 9/14/11, 10:15 am

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