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I was looking to relocate from one city to the next. I was in a lease agreement and had 7 months to go before the lease was going to end. So I found someone in the city I was trying to relocate to that wanted to switch apartments. So we do just that on April 25 2013. So i turned in my application and my 45 dollar money order for the application fee and found out I had a minor issue with my income meeting the requirements. So she said I'll just add you to the lease. Now she done came to the city where I relocated to numerous of times and not once went to the office to put my name on the lease. So one of the ladies said since its only 20 dollars to add you to the lease we can just add the 25 dollars left out the application fee you paid to June rent. So come May she still haven't added me on to the lease but I still go and pay the rent for May (the rent office accepts my money order) . Now here it is June and I go up to the office to pay my rent mention the 25 dollars they owe me towards my rent and the lady say well I dont know anything about that so just hold on to your money order this was on June 10 2013. So she say me you and the person whose name is on the apartment and the other lady in the rent office need to sit down and have a talk because before I go through mess I'll just terminate the lease. So I calls the person who name the apart ment in and she dont answer. So I tell the lady I called her I never get a answer so I done my part I dont know what else to do. So the lady says to me " well come June 14 2013 I will be starting court papers" so im saying to myself well I will have to find some where else to stay because its not but so much I can do. So here comes June 15 2013 I finally get in contact with the person who name the apartment in and now she is trying to call the office and see what's going on she gets no answer ut seemed as if the office was avoiding her. So by this time I've found me somewhere to go and started to relocate because I work 12 and 8 hour shifts I cant afford to come home and im pad locked. Now its June 18 2013 and they saying they ready to add me to the lease well its to late now. After I've been threatened with court papers being served. I never been evicted my rental history is awsome. Can she sue me now being that I was put in this situation and found me somewhere else to live?

Asked on 6/18/13, 9:04 am

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Kenneth Love Ken Love Law

Its unlikely she could sue and much more unlikely that she could win if she did sue because she did not do what she needed to ensure you were on the lease.

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Answered on 6/18/13, 3:48 pm

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