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Getting divorced after 28 years of marriage. We're separated from each other and have a daughter that's 15. Unfortunately, my wife went to the dark side and had my daughter speak with a counselor. The counselor called CPS who have spoken to me on three separate occasions but my daughter through different things to determine if I touched her inappropriately. Something that I haven't done, thought about, and would destroy anyone who tried. Being innocent doesn't matter because it's very apparent that I am guilty until I can prove I'm innocent. I don't know anything because no one is telling me anything. I've had friends tell me that I should get an attorney because this could go south real quick. But I don't see how given I didn't do anything. My question is how to know what I should do? I have cancer, disabled, and on Social Security Disability. That's it money-wise, so I don't have a lot of flexibility to pay for an attorney. I don't want trouble but not being around my daughter is extremely difficult. I just want things to be good but it seems like everything is going to hell all at once Really appreciate some clarity. My daughter is 15 and will soon be 16.

Asked on 9/11/21, 2:40 am

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Amanda Houser The Houser Law Firm, P.C.

Could go south real quick? It likely already has gone south when you made the incredibly bad likely even stupid decision to talk to CPS on not one but three occasions. All you did by doing that is helped them make a case against you and at your age - you should have know better. As to you not seeing how they can do this, well that kinda explains your bad decision to talk to CPS - anyhoo, here's how, if it comes down to your word against a little girls word especially your daughter who presumably would have no reason to lie on daddy, who do you think a jury in good 'ol boy North Carolina will believe? Hint: likely not you. Not to mention the fact that if it gets to that point - you have already lost. Even if by some miracle you are found not guilty, the incredible damage done to your reputation, your bank account and family relationships will likely be unrecoverable. It is hard to imagine a grown adult making it through what, at least 45 to 50 some years of life and doesn't know what to do in a situation like this. At least you picked good friends because they apparently know what to do. You hire an attorney ASAP and you keep you mouth shut and pray that you dumb decision to talk to CPS hasn't already sunk you. Best of luck.

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Answered on 9/11/21, 9:21 am

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