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North Carolina Veterinary Malpractice

I know dogs are treated as property in NC, but I'm interested in my options.

Dog broke leg. Surgeon was not prepared for the surgery next day after dog was already put to sleep. They had to go get new tools. They gave the dog more anasthesia than would have been needed, and billed me. Because of all the anasthesia pumped into the dog, his heart stopped. He was revived and taken to an emergency vet. Surgeon never disclosed the additional anasthesia or lack of prepardness, I learned it from a vet tech.

I would like the vet to cover the expenses of the emergency vet ($600), the follow-ups to check his heart ($400) and the additional anathesia which was never disclosed ($50).

Its not that I can't afford this, its the principle. The surgeon made a huge mistake and has tried to cover it up. I doubt they will give me the money if I ask, can I take this to court in NC or would it only work if the dog had been killed?

Thanks in advance, you offer a great service.

PS, the dog is fine now and I am very thankful.

Asked on 9/25/08, 8:47 am

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Daniel Meier Meier & Franklin, PLLC

Re: North Carolina Veterinary Malpractice

You can sue for the damages you incurred as a result of their negligence. Yes, a dog is considered property, but if I break your car through my negligence, you can recover what it cost you to fix your car - your dog is similar.

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Answered on 9/27/08, 11:48 am

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