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I work for a chemical company and the two owners are my friends. I am a manager to 3 people out of 19 employees. One employee that I manage is harrassing, disrespectful and threatening me as her manager. She rarely takes direction from me and tries to go over my head and causes problems with production while doing so. Recently @ the owners birthday party this employee and her husband were kicked out of the party due to their behavior but the police where called when her husband threathen my life...stating "My old lady will kill you" and "My old lady is going to F*** you up"! There has been no apology infact she refuses to apologize yet did apologize to the 2 owners of the company the following Monday after the party. She continues to disrespect me and the owners are doing nothing about it. Her husband has a criminal background and I fear for my safety @ work from her as well as her husband. Other employees heard what was said and they have concerns as well that he may come to our location and cause a scene or worse. What legal rights do I have?

Asked on 10/29/13, 6:16 am

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Kenneth Love Ken Love Law

Unfortunately, the "what are my legal rights" question is way too broad here. It depends on what you want.

Do you have the power to fire her? Fire her...if not speak to the owners.

Do you feel that your life is in danger? Call the police and go tot he magistrate and swear out a warrant to have her and her husband arrested.

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Answered on 10/29/13, 9:55 am

Amanda Houser The Houser Law Firm, P.C.

It has been my experience that when dealing with people (and I'm probably being generous using the word 'people') like you have described, there is only one legal right that matters - it comes from The United States Constitution, the highest law in the land and it states very clearly that you have a right to get a gun. I highly suggest you do so, learn how to properly use it and defend yourself with it if the need arises. For those times where you can't carry a gun - I have yet to meet a person who can take a shot of chemical mace in the piehole and not go to the deck crying like a baby. What you do then is up to you - me, I'm a kick 'em good and hard while they are down gal.

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Answered on 10/29/13, 9:57 pm

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