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This is kind of very shamful story.

I'm Korean and I met an US army guy here like 3 months ago.

As soon as we started talking to each other he said he was divorced. I really believed he was single at that time so I decided to date him.

So we dated like any other normal couples. We met my parents and he gave me an engagement ring before he left. Things seemed like they were going well and I fully trusted/loved him. He had to leave Korea with a sudden order from the States - he was supposed to leave here in Sep but it somehow changed to May so he left last week.(I'm not sure if this was true or not either)

The plan was - he has a house and there is a family living/renting it and since it's sudden for him to go back, he should give them 2 months to clear out. After that, I would go to the States and marry him. So before he left, I sent some of my stuff with him through army moving service and it is now being delivered to him.

So he went back few days ago and he emailed and sent me texts. BUT, I couldn't hear from him for 2 days straight without any notice from him. I thought something was weird so I searched everything I could related to him since I thought he might be in a trouble. I had his house address, SSN and so on. Somehow I could find his house phone number so I called there and got to talk to his MOTHER IN LAW. Yes, he was still married or he was just married even without any attempt of divorce ever. His mother in law was very upset that I was his fiance and she said there wasn't even a divorce going on.

The guy keeps saying divorce WAS going on because his wife cheated on him few months ago before I met him, but I don't trust him now.

So basically I got an engagement ring and got ready to leave to the country for immagration but things turned out that he still had a wife, he lied everything to me.

I have the chatting log with him saying he IS divorced and the dates he provided and other stuff. Proof that he clearly lied to me about his marrige status.

Can he be in any trouble for doing that? I'm lucky that I'm nor pregnent but in this case no proof of sexual relationship I guess, unless there is any other way to prove it.

Could I tell the army and get him in trouble? I just can't take this whole thing alone. I want him to have disadvantages for fooling someone and her family.

Asked on 5/28/13, 6:54 pm

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Kenneth Love Ken Love Law

You can report it. You should go to the local military garrison, such as Youngsan if you re in Seoul and report it and see what can be done. In any event, you have an engagement ring you can sell and get some money out of.

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Answered on 5/29/13, 12:32 pm

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