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What can I do! Given the situation that I’ve put myself into and what outcome should I expect!

I had never been pulled over until a few months ago when I received a speeding ticket for going 97 in a 65. My court date was extended due to the current pandemic. And sadly, last night, I received another ticket for going 83 in a 55. What would be my best options for handling these tickets to result in the cheapest cost to myself. And if you had to guess, what would you say my outcome will be, given these traffic infractions.

Asked on 4/12/20, 6:17 am

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First, let's get things nice and sparkling clear - these ain't mere infractions. These are misdemeanor criminal traffic citations that if you are found guilty as charged ought to result in you losing your license for an extremely long time, huge bank busting fines and an insurance increase that will keep you off the road because you can't afford it. So what should you do? If your car breaks down and you aren't a mechanic - you hire a mechanic. If you repeatedly get traffic tickets because you won't stop speeding - you hire a traffic attorney. If the address on your ticket is correct, you will likely receive a crap ton of letters from traffic attorneys. You don't need F. Lee Bailey for a traffic ticket so just pick the cheapest one. As to the out come - that depends on the policies of the DA in the county where you got the ticket but suffice to say the outcome will likely be way better if you hire a traffic attorney as opposed to you attempting to handle it yourself. Very similar to how the outcome likely being better if you hire a mechanic to rebuild your transmission as opposed to you attempting to do it yourself if you aren't a mechanic. Oh, and of course, stop speeding - that is just dumb and dangerous. I mean no one really cares if you smash up your car and kill yourself but more often than not, you risk taking someone else out with you who actually will be missed.

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Answered on 4/12/20, 11:46 am

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