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Im in Warren, Ohio an just a little over a year ago I got a medical procedure done which was a re-circumcision due to some complications. The Dr. asked me upon examination about my Penis hole and was it hard to urinate because it looked extra small which deviated from the reason for the check up.

I agreed to a simple re-circumcision and came out with that and a soar penis hole. My urine began shooting out in two different directions and even sometimes shooting in the complete opposite direction of where I aimed. I noticed that my hole had a wound on it and was enlarged. I confronted the doctor asking what did he do and he immediately got defensive explaining he did nothing. He told me he would have to go back in and check though.

I went to another specialist and he expounded after giving me pills and trying to treat the issue externally that the only other problem was that there was scar tissue inside that hed have to laser and remove it. Id have to wear a catheter for however long it took to heal inside.

I contacted several lawyers who claimed I had no case whatsoever despite the doctor doing more than what he should have and causing these complications. I ended up letting go but as time goes by I am having more complications. I had already had to keep peeing over and over again after the ordeal which the other doctor explained was due to the scar tissue inside blocking my urine. But now besides having to get up several times at nigh to urinate and frequently going to urinate throughout the day I have been having accidents at night. I tried drinking less liquid and more liquid during the day but nothing is helping. I then contacted lawyers just this past spring right before the deadline of a year concerning the statute of limitations and they then say they just wouldnt have enough time to gather the evidence before the time expired and thus I have no chance. But I am having more complications now and saw on line that the statute of limitations in Ohio is 1-4 years depending.

What do I do? Just take this ordeal as is or do I have a chance let alone a case in this ordeal?

Asked on 10/24/13, 6:56 am

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Answered on 10/24/13, 7:00 am

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