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Rental History - Collections

I had a roommate issue living in an apartment. I moved out in 3/07 and took my name off of all utilities and sent my 30 day notice 30 days prior to vacating the apartment my roommate stayed and I never heard from the apt. office. In 9/07 itried to rent a apt. and was denied because the previous residence said I owed 1300. I called to find out why and was told a bunch of charges dated after 3/07 but they would not give me any more info or meet with me to figure the payment.My past roommate said it was all of her debt and that the apt even had her sign a form stating she understands that I would no longer be on the lease. She told them she would take full responsibility if I could be taken off and they said no. I tried to work something out so that my credit would not be ruined and they never returned my calls. about 2 months of unreturned phone calls i got a collections notice. I am currently trying to dispute this claim and I need to get an apartment and was wondering if once this goes to colections is it off of my rental history? Will I be able to get an apartment?

Asked on 1/31/08, 11:41 pm

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Andrew Svitek Svitek Law Group, LLC

Re: Rental History - Collections

I can see why a landlord wouldn't want to let you off the hook, they don't care who pays them as long as they get paid. They're not going to get involved in a dispute between you and your roommate. The best way out is for your roommate to pay. The next best way out is for you to pay it and make the roommate pay you back.

Your credit will take a hit. Not sure if that will be enough to keep you from renting elsewhere, and if there's an issue with a future landlord, you can sweeten the deal by agreeing to pay an extra deposit or get a cosigner. There's also mom and pop landlords who don't go by the book so to speak as far as credit scores.

Try to work with the creditor to get them to report this as paid in full, but you'll have to pay them something... they may settle it for a lump sum of maybe $80.

This happens to a lot of people, so future landlords should have some understanding of the situation.

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Answered on 2/16/08, 4:59 pm

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