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Hello Sir/Madam,

My name is Ammara, I got marry to my paternal cousin in DEC 2009 and came to Illinois USA.

On reaching USA I was shocked to know that my husband has no interest in me. Further the behavior of my in laws in particular and rest of the family in common was also not cooperative. They gave false promises one after the other and tell me that itís Magic on him which resist him to build relationship with you, in fact I vehemently felt that I was living with them as a ďHouse Arrested PrisonerĒ.

They never allowed me to be in touch with my family in Karachi, they kept all the communicating apparatus such as mobile phone, landline phones, laptop and other things in locked and key. In fact my mother in law kept me under strict vigilance 24/7. However I some how manage to inform about my miserable and crippling situation in which I was living. My parents in Karachi were very shocked to hear about me but they were unable to access me.

During this one year tenure of my stay in America I remained sick and mentally upset. When I asked them to take me to a doctor they used delaying tactics and gave me home medicines. I canít mention that I remain under acute stress. I cried many a times and I at times took heavy pain killer in an effort to keep myself calm. When they felt that I am in extreme psychological stress so they took me outside with them and never get me checked by the specialist.

About my so called spouse I have nothing more to add about his unbusiness like behavior he never took me into confidence, never trusted on me, never confided in me and it looks we were living together like strangers, he has no concern with me even week days/ weekends even I tried many times to talk to him but he all the time kept quite, I did counsel him day and night, Spend a lot of time watching his mood before speaking, I did a lot of compromises to not to tell anyone about my situation like their friends, neighbors and etc because it will damages their reputation in society but they never consider me, I tried a lot to built our relationship but he never sympathized me. He Insulted and humiliated me in private and public. He never allowed me to access to his bank accounts, credit cards and etc he controls all of his money according to his wife it was my right. His brother did E-Mail from USA to my brother in Pakistan, in which he satisfied that your sister is OK here and all problems are solved.

It will not be out of place to mention that he totally failed to develop any relation ship with me and I am the after the laps of 1 year and 3months that I spent with him and his family, I am sorry to state that I am a Virgin Lady. On my insistence he never bothers to get him self checked by any specialist and doctor so that to be able worth while for me. During 1.3years they held me responsible for every thing that happen to them and their common word was this is all because of me, I was all alone and their was no one to support me to listen to my grievances and to find a remedy.

They never endeavored nor encouraged/helped to prepare and submit my documents needed to be submitted to the authorities concern to obtain Green Card, I had even applied for other documents such as Work Permit, SSN, Sate ID, and Driving Permit with unmentionable difficulties, I feel myself lucky that I have managed to obtain all these documents and they are with me. They have however retained the photocopies of the above documents and I am afraid they may misuse it.

He and his family have blocked my access to Justice in U.S. They were not allowed to call 911.They humiliated me, dishonored me crashed my self esteem.

On the much insistence of my parents to send me back to home he used to delaying tactics, finally, I with my husband managed to reach Pakistan on 11 march 2011.when my parents asked him about his this Attitude and insists him for Medical Report he refused us, to get rid from this situation he Divorced (16 march 2011) me wrote and said I am an Impotent person by birth and ran out to USA without informing me. When I did inquiry by airline they informed me that he left Karachi for Chicago 5 days before, he was so clever he made my one way ticket, His brother living in Pakistan misbehaved and threaten to my uncle on phone and said that I let him ran to USA and do whatever you like to do we will see you.

He never gives my Legal Rights because of the fare of action taken by US Government against him, they took benefit of my unawareness of women rights in USA, thatís why I am reporting this incident from Pakistan Karachi and I am living with my parents who are taking every possible care about me.

Now guide me through proper channel, I am not as such wealthy to fight for my case, My father is an old man and he is near to retirement he has already four dependent.

My Ex-husband and his family did Marriage fraud with me, he ruins my Live, abused me, he engaged my golden 6 years its hard to me to survive in my society Pakistan, no one likes divorced women whether she is defaulter or not, what is my future now? How can I come back to USA and filing case against him? May I file an immigration petition on my own behalf?

Asked on 5/08/11, 12:37 pm

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Irfan Haroon Irfan Haroon & Associates

There are lot of options you can avail. I beleive you were married in Pakistan so it must be under Muslim Family Law Ordinance and the cause of action starts here in Pakistan. You can claim dower amount, dowry articles (if any) maintenance for iddat period etc etc. At this point of time yes you can right to Human Rights Activists Group in USA because you were kept in illegal confinement by them and the fraud which is that he decived from you about his impotency came in your knowledge in USA. We do pro bono cases for the people deserving but regretfully our pro bono service are only limited to Karachi, Lahore and Quetta at the moment. If you are in Karachi you can contact me through my web site or 03343161042 or [email protected]

After examining your case and unearthing the minute details we will be able to advice you about best course of action which includes filing a petition for grant of permission to enter into USA for filing your case. However, this is a seperate issue and subject to the satisfaction of immigration authorities and the laws of immigration of USA.



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Answered on 5/08/11, 8:55 pm

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