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I recently was arrested for a minor theft and it was my first offense. I am going to plead guilty for the offense when I contact a judge. I was wondering if there is anything I can do to get this off of my record, by community service or fines or anything? Please let me know. Thank you.

Asked on 1/11/06, 1:27 am

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Charles A. Pascal, Jr. Law Office of Charles A. Pascal, Jr.

Re: Theft

Why oh why would you plead guilty????? Not a good move.

How "minor" was the theft? Are you being charged with a summary or a misdemeanor??

You may be eligible for ARD, or, there may be some other deal that an attorney can work out for you. BUT, if you plead guilty, it stays on your record. Forever. At least until you turn 70 provided that you don't get arrested for anything else.

And, depending on the circumstances, you may be able to get off.

You need to talk to an attorney. Your instincts on this aren't good, so you need some help from somebody who knows how to work in your interests.

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Answered on 1/12/06, 2:42 am
Konrad Jarzyna The Law Offices of Cozzi & Jarzyna

Re: Theft

You could be eligible for ARD program followed by expungement. Talk to the DA about it or email me and we'll talk. Good luck! Konrad

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Answered on 1/11/06, 5:37 am
Mark Johns Mark Johns, Esquire

Re: Theft

Don't Plead guilty!!! As a first offense you probably are eligible for the ARD program. Under ARD you serve a period of probation, pay court costs and pay restitutuion to your victim. In exchange if you sucessfully complete the program, the charges are dismissed and you can have the arrest expunged. If you plead guilty the charges will be on your record until you pardoned (a difficult proosition) or you turn 70 with no further criminal offenses. I offer free consultations.

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Answered on 1/11/06, 5:38 am
Marc V. Taiani AAAL - Allegheny Attorneys At Law

Re: Theft

You would be a fool if you decide to plead guilty! Get an attorney before you screw up any opportunity to win this matter and for your own sake keep your mouth shut! That means don't talk to friends, family, and most importantly the Judge, the DA, or the Police...if you do, you deserve what you get.

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Answered on 1/11/06, 11:42 am

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